Byron Bay to Port Macquarie Hot Spots

ROAD TRIP NEW SOUTH WALES - Byron Bay to Port Macquarie // Hot Spots + Inspo + Logistics

This your guide to road tripping the LESS travelled part of New South Wales. Most people skip between Byron Bay and Port Macquarie but there are some incredible gems to be discovered. Also how much it will cost, how much time to spend doing it and how to free camp.

We hope you enjoyed this video. Though our video guides are designed to provide further awareness into what it might be like to live in the state of New South Wales, we’re hopeful that this video will also help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

Have you visited Byron Bay, Port Macquarie or any of these Hot Spots before?

Have you visited any of the locations featured in our video before? What did you think? Would you go back? Could you live there?

We’d love to hear your views so please share these in our comments below.

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Gail Zietsch

I've only just come across your channel. I'm enjoying your videos, you are so natural . I live in Grafton ,so I was pleased to see you explore our lovely Clarence Valley

jesper christensen

dont support fake people. Jesus

Lost And Stoked

Nice video love all the specific info we're gonna steal some of your spots!

Steve Klimentos

Very nice video and you have shown travelers the amount of nature NSW has .Inland between Byron Bay and Port Macquarie is the Warrabungles National park and it is amazing It is close to Coonabarrabran


Amazing I love NSW

Callum Briggs

Does anyone know the name of the singer who played in Yamba at the surf club? Really like he’s music

Ethan Tai

God bless zig

Kaitlyn Sawtell

I live a few hours inland from Sawtell/Dorrigo. I just finished my university degree & hearing you speak about getting back to nature & feeling like a child has made me decide to just go & explore! I've been meaning to do so for such a long time, I did the New England national park last month as it was close to my uni, so amazing!

Devan Zajac

Yes to the goooon!!!


I think shopping local should be a mindset that everyone should have for anywhere they are or for any place that they go to, I love hitting up local shops/boutiques/restaurants. I have found the best souvenirs come from locally owned small businesses.

Elyza Lee Flick

The water is so low at scouts falls its uaually so much deeper

Saxon Hughes

I am so glad you went to Yamba ! The best spot on the NSW coast in my opinion, there is a really sick town about 10 mins south called Angourie with world class surfing, cannot stress enough how amazing yamba and angourie are


Wow! it looks fantastic! And the atmosphere changes every location. I would love to go on a trip like this.

sunnystephh her

Love this. I want to take a roadtrip here now

Jay Divola-Stokes

Would have loved to show you guys around Bellingen!

Kate White

Ahhhh! Iluka and Yamba! So cool to see the towns were I went on Summer holidays as a kid in a travel vlog

Dean Newman

FYI great tip to get rid of leeches, carry a salt shaker. If you come across one, cover it in salt and it will release.


This makes me sooooo excited!! Currently in northern QLD doing farm work and am planning an east coast road trip when I’m done and I can’t watttt, this has given me so many ideas!! This video is fab as always, happy travelling :)


You spent 3 weeks exploring just 10% of the east coast, and people think they can see all of Australia in a week or 2. People need to realise how big this country is and allot an appropriate amount to time to explore it.

Sarah Harrison

Definitely planning a NSW road trip after watching this. I used to live just below Port Macquarie and never even knew about these amazing places

Claire Kuhlman

I just commented on your other video about being in Melbourne 6 months ago, and on the same trip we went up the coast and I loved Port Macquarie, Coff’s Harbour, and Dorrigo! This video is making me so nostalgic!

Caitlin Marquez

love your videos!!

Hope Broome Saunders

there is nothing i want to do more than go to all the places youve mentioned in this video!! the waterfall from 14:00 to 16:00 looked so beautiful and tranquil – i feel as though ive been there myself just from watching your video!! thanks so much for sharing this with us!! xxx

Hayley Brooker

What is the name of the artist that she seen in yamba?


If you’re going back there I suggest doing the Moonee Beach reserve walk starts at emerald beach tons of kangaroos and beautiful beach cliff views

Kat's Footsteps

Love Byron Bay and Nimbin, but have never stayed too long. Had no idea there were so many beautiful waterfalls around Nimbin!

Will Bland

How did you find the heat sleeping in the car at night?


This is the best timing ever! I was planning to do this in two days. Question about Spot X; could you (or Hayden) tell me why their surf camp is not good? I’m an absolute beginner and I would like to know what is better than Spot X :)

Josi Pereira

Christianne!! This video was so nice! With the music, and the bird/nature sounds, and the cinematography. I loved this video, good work! :)

Melly Marich

Did you lose the Sri Lankan Airlines flight footage?

Feeling inspired to go take a look at these amazing places! Thankyou! Great video

great video! one thing, the sound is not the best


Love your vlogs .. longtime viewer I live on south coast wollongong south of sydney let me know if your ever in town :) and thank you for showcasing beautiful NSW .. I loved the waterfall part footage and do the same underneath a water nothing better chasing waterfalls

Lovely video. Beautiful places and very informative. Makes me want to plan another trip over (from New Zealand) and explore the coast and smaller towns.

Such great and helpful tips and recommendations. Your videos are so positive and inspiring its infectiously happy :)

Nelson bay dolphin cruise well worth it if going that way a net on the back too lie in the water too also great Grey nurse shark Dive evspot seal rocks would recommend in general in oz to go inland and even a bit out of main places some top spots an hr or more away from cairns for example in all directions

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