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Cairns – The gateway to tropical North Queensland. Check out the best places to visit in Cairns and be on your way to the great outdoors.

Cairns is a small port city with access to a bounty of natural beauty. This eastern Australia city is where the rainforest meets the reef, with Daintree Rainforest to the north and the Great Barrier Reef to the east.

Start your vacation in Cairns with some of the open parklands in the city centre or by going for a short swim in the man-made lagoon. Rent a bike on the promenade or hit the waves at Trinity Beach for a surf. A trip on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is Cairns sightseeing at its best. The cable car will take you over the canopy of tropical rainforest and waterfalls.

At Hartleys Crocodile Adventures take a boat ride through a swamp-like habitat where several of the reptiles live. Cairns tours should always include a stop to the Cairns Tropical Zoo, where you can make some kangaroo and koala friends.

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We hope you enjoyed this video titled Cairns Vacation Travel Guide. Though our video guides are designed to provide further awareness into what it might be like to live in the state of Queensland, we’re hopeful that this video will also help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

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Rio Hemmings
1 year ago

Cairns is great for tourism, lots of natural beautiful places, but I lived there for 12 years and let me tell you as a local it's a shit hole :') Living everyday life there, the city is crap and some of the people there are absolute bogans. It's great for a visit but no longer than that.

Simon Brianese
1 year ago

the sun is hot

1 year ago

Sadly, The Cairns Tropical Zoo does not exist anymore. It is now apartments. :(

W Ghost
1 year ago


Hoofing The Highlights
1 year ago

Great video, good overview with really helpful information.

Maye McDonald
1 year ago

I was there as a young backpacker in 1983. Magical place. I had coral trout for dinner one evening and my first ever baked oysters with smoked salmon and cream cheese….delicious food!

De U
1 year ago

This is nice

Ken Bugawisan
1 year ago

The place is nice however I hate the fact that this place is claiming Catriona's win at Miss Universe as if it's theirs.

Eufemia Buono
1 year ago

Lovely video Queensland is amazing.Cairns is spectacular proud to be Australian.

1 year ago


Sabrina Urban
1 year ago

Just got back from Cairns and also made a video on it!! 100% worth going ♥️

Johnny Marlin
1 year ago

Can't wait to get up there later this year !!

Nomadicdesi Adventures
11 months ago

Wellington new Zealand or cairns to live?

Dan Mason
10 months ago

im going again!

Ochre Restaurant Cairns
8 months ago

We LOVE living here and experiencing all of the natural wonders

The ladie gamer Jay Jay
7 months ago

I’m Australian and I live in cairns I have been in those places

Brody Marsh
6 months ago

I’m from Innisfail (an hour drive south) and I so can’t wait to move to cairns in winter 2020

6 months ago

One of the best holidays I've ever had was in Cairns – make sure you check out Trinity beach, Palm Cove and Port Douglass when there.

Anthony Walsh
6 months ago

a great video of my hometown for over 32 years now.

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