Can you sell your house? Our survey says

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Well, I wondered if I should type this so soon in case I risked giving the kiss of death to recent happenings but hey, you only live once right!

Things continue to go well. The survey was completed on our property today and the house has passed the inspection with flying colours.

Surprisingly, the surveyor only took 15 minutes to give the house a good going over and a big portion of this time was spent talking to the missus about the family his in Australia.

To be honest, I wasn’t really surprised that it passed. The property is still under 10 years old and is pretty ‘new’ by previously owned house standards. Still its a comfort that we passed this survey without any hidden surprises. After all, had we been told that the property was structurally unsound and we had to spend thousands on fixing it then that could have certainly thrown an iron into the works.

In less positive news, we went to get a cash in value for our endowment policy yesterday and even though we have only been paying into it for the past 9 years, the cash in value was about three thousand pounds less then we were anticipating. Arse!

Having said that, we never really counted on the endowment, if anything it’s been one of those things you automatically contribute into directly from your salary so after 9 years you almost forget that the things there.

Although the cash in value of our endowment policy is a lot less then we were anticipating, it will still give us a big cash boost and acts as a nice little Insurance policy now that I’ve decoded to hand my notice in.

Anyway. Onwards and upwards. Were starting to work on removals now.

We have a company called Atlantis Overseas removals based in Leeds coming to visit us on Thursday to provide a quote so we’ll see how much moving our stuff out to Australia is going to cost.

We’ll probably get a few quotes and go for the one that gives us the best vibes. We won’t be taking too much but the stuff we will be taking is the kind of precious stuff that we don’t want to leave behind. Whatever happens I’ll ontinue to update our blog as we get more news.

Tara for now :)

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