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  • Free Ielts Speaking Practice - Tips For Learning Vocabulary 1 - 1604464983 Maxresdefault

    Free IELTS Speaking Practice – Tips for Learning Vocabulary 1

    In this video we are going to be looking at the interesting topic of vocabulary. How to learn Vocabulary. I am going to be helping you out with how to learn new words, and how to activate new words and vocabulary. Topics covered in this video: 00:03:08 Student Questions 00:10:39 Student Tips on learning Vocabulary […] More

  • Free Ielts Speaking Practice - How To Improve Your Fluency | Fluency Gym - 1604464142 Maxresdefault

    Free IELTS Speaking Practice – How to improve your Fluency | Fluency Gym

    In this video we are going to be looking at Fluency; fluency secrets to help you improve your fluency on the IELTS Speaking test. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:30 Drink Red Date Tea 😂 00:10:56 The 7 Fluency Secrets 00:22:50 Shut up! 00:26:26 Weak forms 00:36:10 Use ‘Chunks’ 00:49:10 Repetition 00:52:28 Flexibility 00:55:03 Level minus 1 00:59:00 […] More

  • Ielts Speaking: Improve Your Fluency  1 | Fluency Gym - 1604463543 Maxresdefault

    IELTS Speaking: Improve Your Fluency 1 | Fluency Gym

    Fluency comes with practice. Fluency is an essential part of IELTS Speaking. With this video, you will not only improve your fluency, but also your intonation. You will pick up natural British intonation. What’s more, these fluency gym videos are grammar-based. This means you will be learning correct grammar too. Do you have your own […] More

  • Teacher Reacts To 4 Candidates: Ielts Speaking Part 1 Answers - 1604465523 Maxresdefault

    Teacher reacts to 4 Candidates: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Answers

    In this video we look at how an IELTS Examiner reacts and comments on IELTS Speaking Part 1 answers. If you have ever wondered ‘what does IELTS 7 mean’? Or ‘how is IELTS Speaking scored or marked?’ This video is for you! Remember, a video like this can be a great first step to improving […] More

  • Ielts Speaking Questions And Answers - Part 3 Topic Extreme Sports - 1604462110 Maxresdefault

    IELTS Speaking Questions and Answers – Part 3 Topic EXTREME SPORTS

    In this video, we look at the TOPIC of EXTREME SPORTS. So, we will get lots of interesting vocabulary, and also help you to give some really good answers about IELTS Speaking part 3 questions about extreme sports. This is the fifth of a series of IELTS Speaking Part 3 videos. Ideas, vocabulary, and idioms […] More

  • Ielts Speaking Part 1 - Compilation Of Tips And Tricks - 1604464323 Maxresdefault

    IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Compilation of Tips and Tricks

    27 tips, tricks and templates that you can use to practice and improve your IELTS Speaking Part 1 answers. The clips are from native speakers I have interviewed in recent months and given the IELTS Speaking test to. Tips include use of time fillers, repeating the question, taking your time. There are also a number […] More

  • Ielts Speaking Part 2: Band 9 Templates - #5 Activities - 1604462823 Maxresdefault

    IELTS Speaking Part 2: Band 9 TEMPLATES – #5 ACTIVITIES

    This is the FIFTH in a series of 6 videos that will give you 1. A Framework Approach for Part 2 answers 2. Band 9 Language Templates 3. Easy to Use Structures for all kinds of Questions 4. More confidence and belief in yourself In this video I present a framework approach and language templates […] More

  • How Ielts Speaking Is Scored: How To Get A Band 9. - 1604464804 Maxresdefault

    How IELTS Speaking is Scored: How to Get a Band 9.

    Learn how IELTS Speaking is evaluated, so you can see clearly what you need to do to get a band 7, 8 or 9. In IELTS Speaking you are tested on 1. Fluency 2. Vocabulary 3. Grammar 4 Pronunciation Each one of these areas counts for 25%. For FLUENCY the examiner listens for 1. Ease […] More

  • Ielts Speaking Sample Answer Part 2 - A Piece Of Good News You Read - 1604465163 Maxresdefault

    IELTS Speaking Sample Answer Part 2 – A piece of good news you read

    This is an awesome sample answer to a common IELTS Speaking Part 2 Question CUE CARD Describe a recent piece of good news you read Transcript of model answer: Just the other day, I got an email out of the blue, from an old friend who I haven’t heard from for absolutely ages. He said […] More

  • Improve Your Ielts Speaking Part 1 Answers - Rubbish - 1604465343 Maxresdefault

    Improve your IELTS Speaking Part 1 Answers – RUBBISH

    In this video we will look at 5 ways to start improving your answers for the IELTS Speaking Part 1 questions about the topic ‘RUBBISH’. 5 important ways covered in this video: 0:00:23 Get to the point 0:01:38 Learn to use synonyms 0:03:00 Know the typical questions 0:04:08 Try different answer types – YES – […] More

  • Ielts Speaking Test - Band 9 Sample Answer With Native Speaker Vanessa - 1604463363 Maxresdefault

    IELTS Speaking Test – Band 9 sample answer with native speaker Vanessa

    This is one of a series of videos where Native English Speakers do the IELTS speaking test. You can see a Band 9 sample answer and see how natural spoken English can help you do better in the test. Today, I examine Vanessa from ‘Speak English with Vanessa’. How did she do? Watch and find […] More

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