Cats booked in and house sale going well

Cats booked in and house sale going well - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under halifax_estate_agents

I’ll tell you what, the Byford Quarantine Station in Perth gets busy damn quickly

As I mentioned in a previous entry, we’ve decided to use Airpets Oceanic to ship our two cats from the UK to Perth and the last time we spoke with them we were looking at early December before we could get the place.

Since applying for the appropriate permits for both cats and confirming a place, we are now looking at 20th December before a place becomes available.

So, it goes without saying that we snapped this place up. Both Cats are booked onto a Quantas flight for the 19th December flying to Perth via Singapore. In the meantime, if anyone drops out at Airpets and a spot becomes available we’ll try and get first refusal on that.

It looks like there will be an element of boarding involved at the Airpets cattery before the boys fly out. We want to be out there well before Christmas, the sudden climb in air fare prices during the Christmas period is the main driver for an early departure so it looks like the furry felines will have a 2 – 3 week stay before their flight departs to Australia.

Our experience with Airpets so far has been really good. After the pain of dealing with the Crapifax (Halifax) estate agents for the sale of our house, Airpets have been true to their word and have kept us in the loop, making regular contact by telephone to give us updates as and when we need them. I’ll make sure that I do a full review of our experiences with Airpets when we all finally get to Perth.

As for the house, well I’m pleased to say that things appear to be going well, yes that’s right, things finally appear to be going Ok for a change!

The Mr of the buying party has had all of his references back from his employer to complete the bridging loan / second mortgage application that they are going to take out to buy our house. The surveyors fees have been paid and the surveyors have now been instructed. We are trying to arrange another visit from the buyers this weekend,. We have quite a bit of furniture we’ll be leaving behind so we’d like to give them first refusal.

We plan to include most of the furniture with the house sale. The kitchen will include the dishwasher, washing machine etc, Ikea’s finest wardrobes will be included in the bedrooms and anything they don’t want will probably go to Catholic housing or a similar charity.

I guess we are working on the basis that when we excepted this second offer, it was a few thousand more then the original offer we excepted when we were messed around by the buyer who couldn’t get a mortgage.

The difference in the two offers far exceeds any cash we would have got had we sold the furniture so we’re counting ourselves lucky in that regard.

Also whilst talking about selling stuff, the young lad who lives next door to us with his mum and dad wants to buy the car off the missus. He’s always liked it apparently so assuming we get a half decent offer for it, this will be one less thing for us to worry about!

Today is a pretty key day for me personally as I’m going to give notice at work (or at least verbally confirm when my last day will be which I’m aiming to be in about six weeks time).

Originally, I wasn’t going to hand my notice in until the contracts were exchanged on the house, if we were to do this (and the contracts took the expected 5 – 6 week timescales to complete), then after working my one months notice I’d be looking at Mid November before I could leave work.

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