Cats picked up and a closer look at their transport

made the move to australia

Well, as promised yesterday, here’s a quick update on the cats arrival.

When we picked the cats up from Byford yesterday we received an official AQIS receipt for each of them.

The receipt looks like it followed the cats through the whole process since arriving in Australia and includes an official  ‘release from quarantine’ notice and AQIS stamp which is good to have as it proves that both cats have been ‘through the system’ before release.

I think we’d be safe without it though, unless of course someone picked up on a meow with a slight hint of a Yorkshire accent. It’ll be reet tho. ;)

In addition to the cats import certificates, we also had another bill to pay, the cost of the quarantine.

The total bill for both cats at Byford was a pretty reasonable $1067 (about £426 by today’s money). Remember though that this doesn’t include the cost of actually getting the cats over here which was the bill settled with Airpets before we departed.

Included in this cost and in addition to the cats ‘rent’ was 2 x vet checks per cat ($71 each) quarantine entry ($10), Audit of veterinary certificate ($27), recovery of the airline handling charge previously paid on our behalf by AQIS (33) and conveyance of cats and dogs (picking them up etc – ($95).

The 30 days lodging was charged at $13.55 per day for the first cat and $10.55 for the second. Keep in mind that both Charlie and Geoff were sharing accommodation. I’m not sure what the charge would have been had they not got on so well :)

When we got home? Well, let’s just say they were slightly cuddly. Even at time of typing (some 30 hours later) it’s like having two little shadows following us around.

Both boys are still in excellent condition and it’s obvious that they have been well looked after.

I must say though, they were still carrying (and shedding) a large amount of fur when we got them home which makes one wonder how frequently they had been brushed (although they are short hairs and not one of the more exotic longer haired felines requiring more attention).

Still, once we got them home, a good brush for each and they were looking as good as new and about half a kilo lighter.

Their little claws needed a trim to, we did see lots of scratch pads for the cats when we originally visited them at Byford but these appear to be have been very rarely used.

Both cats seemed delighted to try out the leg of the sofa in the house we are currently renting though; a habit we will need to get them out of before our new sofa arrives this Saturday at the new house in Kinross.

It was actually quite funny but having a wooden floor, we could hear both cats walking around during the night.

At one point it almost sounded like Charlie was walking around in a cat sized pair of high heals but somehow I don’t think he’s into the cross dressing scene just yet.

Boxes made by Airpets Stamp showing that the Vet did his job right

As for the cat boxes prepared by Airpets…Have a good look of the pictures above and below (each opens in a new page – click the picture in the new page again to see the full sized version):

As I mentioned in yesterdays post I was pretty interested to see what the quality of these boxes were like and I must say the boxes were excellent!

Jeff investigates his box. Did I really live in that for 24 hours?

Not to big and not to small and the quality was great to (all of the boxes are made by staff on site at Airpets and they obviously take great pride in their workmanship!

Although, being confined to such a space for over 24 hours would have been a pretty significant bind, on the basis that both boys would have slept for a good part of the journey over to Australia I’m sure it wouldn’t have been too bad.

As you’ll see in some of the pictures, Charlie (the cat lying down with the white paws) and Jeff (the all black cat) have done a good job of modelling their transportation boxes.

Make a note of the funnel on the front of the boxes to used for adding water at various stop offs Make a note of the funnel on the front of the boxes to used for adding water at various stop offs Jeff looking inside his crate

Make a note of the funnel attached to the front of the boxes for the addition of water during the journey. Also, see the two small ring’s on either side of the rear door? This is how the box was sealed apparently).

There are also plenty of extra locks and catches on the back of the boxes to ensure your loved ones don’t escape en-route.

You’ll notice in the pictures that both cats look pretty chuffed to be back ‘home’. If I really think about it, I don’t think there’s been a minute when I’ve not heard them purr.

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    deidre thomson
    deidre thomson

    Thanks Mark! I am feeling more positive about the move for us all! Thanks again for the sound advice.


    deidre thomson
    deidre thomson

    Hi Mark Many thanks for your helpful record of your boys’ travel experiences! Did they take long to adjust to living in O.Z and coping with the heat? Any signs of trauma after such an upheaval? I am hoping to move from the U.K to Queensland in March /April, taking my three cats along. I have decided to use a company that will do just about everything, as I felt I would be having plenty enough to cope with selling the house, sorting furniture, sorting out the finances, without the huge amount of preparation to take my precious cats. I… Read more »


    Hi Mark
    Can you tell me do you know or does anybody know who can tell us what the cost would be to transport my medium size dog and 1 cat out to oz would be
    cheers Ron


    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the pics, glad the cats are safe and well. Hope they adjust to the Oz way-of-life asap!