Certifying your Docs – The Cheap & Easy Way!

Certifying your  Docs - The Cheap & Easy Way! - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under

Top tip posted by Clippies on our forums which I think is worthy of a spot within our main pages:

Hello, just thought I’d post this as I’ve just been and had my copied documents certified. It was super easy, I phoned the local Magistrates Court in Sutton and they booked me an appointment with the Justice of the Peace at 9.30am today – I arrived on the dot, handed over my documents and they returned them to me all certified in less than half an hour.

And how much did it cost? £8!!! Yes that’s it £8, for all 60 copies certified!

I had phoned a solicitor and they quoted me £200 so I’m really pleased I didn’t go that route – so a huge thank you to whoever it was on here that suggested the Magistrates Court :)

Anyone else looking to do this go to this website and look up your local Magistrates, then ring them and ask for an appointment with the Justice of the Peace.


It costs £8 as an administration fee, JP are not allowed to charge for their time :)

Personally, I wish I knew this before we got our docs certified but thankfully we didn’t have that many to send over. if you do then Clippies tip may be a top one.

Way to go Clippies – Click here for the original thread on our forums.

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