How long to get an Australian Visa
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What Are My Chances Of Getting An Australian Visa

After lodging your EOI, How Long Should You Expect To Wait?

So you’ve got an occupation on one of the Australian Skilled Occupations Lists. You have registered an Expression Of Interest (EOI) with Skillselect and you’re now left waiting to see if you’ll get that sought after an invitation to apply for an Australian Visa.

As a skilled migrant, you’re probably already familiar with the Australian points test and the requirement to reach a certain points threshold to qualify for migration under your occupation. However beyond that. How long should you be expected to wait for an invitation to apply and what are your overall chances of getting an Australian Visa?

What Are My Chances Of Getting An Australian Visa?

We get asked this question quite a lot here at Getting Down Under and to be honest, it’s a pretty difficult question to answer because there are so many dependencies to being successful.

Sure, you have a confirmed occupation in demand, you have reached the points threshold and English language requirement, however, there is something that’s really difficult to take account for, and that’s the other applicants.

Austalian SkillSelect Invitation Rounds – August 2020

You see, once you have registered an Expression Of Interest with SkillSelect, you are automatically ranked against the other Australian visa applicants who have also applied.

Your ranking is based on the information you provide within your EOI. EOIs are ranked using points achieved on the skilled migration points test. A prescribed pass mark will be set as the minimum points score required for each visa category.

Where you have the same number of points as another applicant, then this equally scoring EOIs will be separated by the time of submission with earlier submission dates ranking more highly.

Now let’s look at a few scenarios to see how this would work in practice.

Australian EOI Scenario 1

What Are My Chances Of Getting An Australian Visa

So in the above scenario, you have qualified for an Australian skilled Visa with 65 points. You have been added to the SkillSelect queue for your occupation.

As you have qualified with more than the minimum number of points for this occupation (in this example the minimum is 60 points), you will receive an application before those applicants who have qualified with only 60 points.

New Australian Points Test - Updates and Clarifications

The small number of applicants who have qualified with more than 65 points or those who have the same number of points as you but registered their EOI before you will be invited first.

EOI Scenario 2

How long to get an Australian Visa

In this second scenario, with 65 points you have joined your fellow applicants at the front of the SkillSelect queue.

Even though these applicants registered with SkillSelect months before you did. As your points score is higher. You will be invited to apply for a skilled visa first

Australian EOI Process – Scenario 3

Australian Expression Of Interest (EOI) Process

In this final scenario, you’ve completed your EOI and feel pretty good about yourself. Despite only needing 60 points to qualify for your application, you’ve managed to score 65 points.

What you don’t know, however, is there is a large number of applicants who have been waiting for an invitation with even more points.

In this instance, even though you have qualified with a high points score. The fact that there are applicants with even more points means that you will not receive an invitation until these applicants receive an invitation first.

Other Considerations

After submitting your EOI, you can view your point score; however, because your ranking is continuously changing as new EOI’s are submitted and invitations issued, you will not see your ranking.

South Australia Government New Occupations and Visa Concessions

Your EOI will stay in SkillSelect for a maximum of two years. At any time during the validity of your EOI, you can update your details to reflect any additional qualifications or experience you might have obtained. This might increase your likelihood of being invited or an employer contacting you.

After each invitation round for the independent and skilled regional (provisional) sponsored visas, the Australian government published via the SkillSelect website, the lowest points test mark for which an EOI received an invitation.

This will give you an indication of your potential for receiving an invitation in future rounds.

Have any questions?

Have any questions? Post these in our comments below or pop on over to our Australian Migration forums and we’ll look to help where we can.

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