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We’ve already written about the new laws being brought in this month to strengthen the 457 temporary visa system, however we’ve  recently received a number of questions about the changes which we thought we would try to address within this post.

The changes are being implemented to ensure ensure employers only use the scheme to fill genuine skill shortages, and look local first before hiring workers from overseas.

How will the changes affect current subclass 457 visa holders?

There will be no adverse effects on existing visa holders. However, visa holders should note the changes to the English language and skills requirements if they plan to change employment, change their occupation or seek a further subclass 457 visa.

How will the changes to the 457 Visa affect Australian businesses?

The changes will not adversely affect the majority of employers who are using the program appropriately. The changes will, however, strengthen the government’s capacity to identify and prevent employer practices that are not in keeping with the purpose of the subclass 457 program.

If the Australian Immigration department has any concerns that an employer is not committed to training Australians, or a nominated position may not be genuine, then they may be requested to provide additional justification before a sponsorship or nomination can be approved.

Sponsors are also required to understand their new obligations.

How will the changes affect subclass 457 visa applicants?

All subclass 457 visa applications lodged before 1 July 2013 but not finalised, will be subject to the new visa requirements. Your case officer will request further information if required.

All subclass 457 visa applications that are lodged after 1 July 2013 will be subject to the new visa requirements. The majority of subclass 457 visa applicants will not be affected by the changes.

In some circumstances further evidence to demonstrate claims for a subclass 457 visa may be required. Visa applicants should note the changes to the English language and skills requirements.

Are there changes to how subclass 457 applications can be lodged?

All subclass 457 sponsorship, nomination and visa applications must now be lodged online. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

Any other questions? Post in our comments below.

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