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Changes to the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL)

Changes To The Migration Occupations In Demand List

The Australian Immigration Minister has announced changes to the Migration Occupation in Demand List for applicants for General Skilled Migration visas.

The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) lists those occupations and specialisations identified by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) as being in short supply.

Twelve occupations have been added to the MODL, including five Computing Professional specialisations, Electronics Engineer, Optometrist and Dental Technican, as well as the trade occupations of Binder and Finisher, Landscape Gardener and Tree Surgeon.

Computing Professional – specialising in Sybase SQL Server has been removed from the MODL.

To See the latest Migration Occupations in Demand List then Click Here

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Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia. Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assistance. If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Community Forums. Please note All information provided on Getting Down Under should be considered in conjunction with our disclaimer. Please seek professional advice if you have any doubts! 

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  1. To Mandi,

    Hi Mandi, my wife is a dentist from pakistan, and we are planning on getting a student visa in dental technician. Can you tell me how is your experince in australia, and in your study in dna, and why you can’t apply for pr, if you have done two years of study. Please, if you don’t find any of these getting into your business. And if you have any advise for me. thank you very much.

  2. Hi,

    Im trying to help a friend with his PR. He did a business management Diploma and i want to know if he can apply for PR off doing this 2 year course.?

    I cant figure out all the immergration requirements so i just want to know if he can apply of this course?



  3. For all.
    Bear in mind that if you have more than 5 years experience and if you are Engineer or Doctor or something like this you dont have hard time getting Australian Residence/ Australian Citizenship. You may have to show your proficiency test. They will test you. You have to give exams in related field or so. You need to follow up Immigration website for that. For those secondary standard education like BA, blah bla…in Education faculty which is just theory based, needs to show alot of experience such as Manager in their home country and I am still not sure what additional requirement they need to do. But, as I suggested those certified Engineers, doctors can have a bit of hope getting residence.

  4. hello hi i m mandeep singh .due to recent change in modl list i m confused what should i do. actually i m doing certificaye 4 in business management in dna dental nursing perth. i m finishing this course in sep 2010 .after that i have to study anything else but i m in confusion what to study .i need your help to tell me what to study so we need to 2 year study before we can apply for i have told u that i m doing certificate 4 .can i add this cousre with anyother course to complete my study. and also ca u pls tell me what is the right course do you think shold be done so i can get my pr.

  5. i want to ask you i did cert 3rd in aged care now i am doing community welfare i have one year work experience in nursig home my husband uncle and his grandma they are citizn here can i get pr or not

  6. Hi, I am Rinku Now I am doing Retail baking course in cert 1. Also, I am working in Bakery and it is payable. If my employer give me sponcership in after finish my TRA visa.Can I get PR in here? Please give me reply on my email id. THANKS.

  7. hi i am rosel. i have finished my baking cake and pastry chef course and now i am going to do diploma in bussiness management can u please tell me that the bakery course will be in occupational list or not can i apply for PR on behalf of bakery course or not. thanks

  8. hi
    i am studing in commercial cookery i have 3 expirience in medical lab technitian i finish my hospitality and start cookery in Nov
    also i am 30 yrs old so hw to apply pr or tr in austailia

  9. hi,
    My name is mansi. I enrolled for MBA(int) from Deakin university in the sem feb 2008 before that i had completed 10 weeks of ELI cos from the same university. i studied 4 semester. that is semester 1, semester 2, trimester(in holidays) and last semester for MBA(INT). but unfortunately i cleared only 7 papers from 15.Now i am in india from the month of september. my family was too much worried about me.but i am firm to go back australia and finished my course in the feild of MBA/MPA. is there any chances towards it. Please help me out of this. Waiting for your reply.

  10. am graduate in medical lab. technician having 8 yrs experience as lab operator , Can I get Labour or work visa??
    My wife has done B.A now she has 2 yrs experience of teaching . Can any of us qualify for work visa to australia??
    pls reply me on my mail id

  11. Hi

    I am doing masters in information technology but I am not sure about the requirements of PR. Its my third semester can anyone help me by telling what should I do before applying for PR.


  12. Hi there,
    I am commercial cookery student and close to finish my study.
    Can you please let me know that do I need paid experience or unpaid can also be fine. Please also reply that how many bands equal in all four modules I must need to get to complete the PR or TRA assessment process by the next year.
    Thank you

  13. Hi,I want to know if the figure of the digger operator will be inserted into the new Modl list. I already have experience in Australia and I took the title of digger in the State of Victoria.

  14. sir iam going to perth for commercial cookery just suggest me wot to do to get pr over their…it is out of modl list so can i get pr..jst help me…or tell me another course which i can do their wot abt pattisseri in perth institute..
    plz reply

  15. Dear sir/ madam,
    my name is George. I am an India planing to do Diploma in Dental Technology program with Kingston college, Dental Nursing Australia[DNA], Perth. Is Dental Technology still in MODL list in 2009?.. and even if it is taken off from the MODL list after I joined the Program any possibilities to find a job and apply for Permanent Residency after my studies ?… Hope you will do the best for me.

    Request a reply to my mail if possible.



  16. hello sir. i m khushpreet. i want to know that is it true that cookery is going to remove from MODL list. when will the new list come. i have paid my fee for cookery. should i change my course now or not? plz rply me on my id. thanx

  17. hi i wanted to know about the revised and latest modl list,how many points are alloted for masters in financial accounting and it would be helpful if iam given an early reply….thanks.

  18. Hi, I want to do the hairdressing course but what happens if during my course hairdressing gets taken off the jobs in demand list, does that mean I would not be able to get my PR as I would not have enough point?


  19. hello

    I m from and my hubby wants to immigration for Aus.if we quilify then we r taking next step for migration.already we took 1st step i mean assessment before 1 year ago for marketing spacialist.but now it was wht can we do ?can u give us any suggestion.Waiting for ur reply.


  20. I’ve two questions, if i may be so rude…. Firstly, have telecommunications engineers been removed from the skilled labour list and Secondly, should we decide to come on my points rather than his how long would i have to have managed a nursery for (based on my degree)? Actually while i thin of it, is there away of coming on joint points should we need to? ie his experience in what he does and my degree……..if that makes sense?
    Thank you

  21. hi,
    I am darshan patel, doing hosp. in brisbane but somehow I feel that most of the students get the addmision in this course now i think to change my course in automative in INTACE college.
    I just want to know about that college and its reputation n if i will do that corse then hw many chance to get PR in beetwen hospi. and automative coure.Can we get easily Pr in automative then cookery.
    Let me know as soon as possible wt sud i do?
    Thank You

  22. Hi,
    This is sabina mary.from hyderabad,india..I am planning for Diploma of Nursing for this september intake..So i want to know whether Diploma of Nursing is a demanded course or not…

  23. hi am diya,am doin ma diploma in hospitality 4m tafe.but now i dt want to continue dis course any more because itz very difficult to get 900 hrs experience plus the course is nt suitable for dis course still in modl or i want to jump into dentistry so will dat be easy 4 me in future to get PR.
    thankzz diya

  24. HAI.. my name is santhra..

    i would like to know whether dip: in beauty therapy is in MODL(if its in the list then how many points for PR), now am doing EAP in if that course is not in the list could u please tell which other diploma programs are in the MODL.

  25. I am software engineer having 5+ year of working experience in web development and working as Sr Software Engineer in IT MNC at Hyderabad,India.

    My problem is that, I have expertize in Programming Languages like PHP/PERL/AJAX/HTML/XML, web technologies. But these are not mentioned in the list.

    From the List, I have some what working experience and basic fundamental knowledge for below categories

    1) Computing Professional – .Net technologies 2231-79
    2) Computing Professional – Linux 2231-79

    so what should i do?

    Let me all the possibilities.

    Himanshu Patel

  26. hi
    i am going to finish my community welfare course in coming september.and i wanna know about the pr point for this course and what sort of requirement should i have to show during apply to pr?and i m still not clear about modl,sol and ensol,can u plz make me clear?for us which sector is easy to apply?

  27. hi
    i have just completed my diploma in information technology(software development) or 2 years study in sydney and got 6.5 bands in ielts . MY AGE is 21 years .
    I consult some lawyers they said i can’t get PR in this course . They said u have to change your course if you want PR. And they also said either you have to do bach. of IT , can i apply for TR or PR on diploma basis .
    please suggest me something.

  28. The above link is for the old MODL not the new as it is yet to be released. I have it on good authority that Cookery and Hairdressing are both going to be removed. Can anyone else confirn this.

  29. The above link is for the old MODL not the new as it is yet to be released. I have it on good authority that Cookery and Hairdressing are both going to be removed. Can anyone else confirn this.

    • it does not matter if it is on modl list or not… U will only get points for modl if you have min 12 months exp (paid)@ 20 hrs per week in your field out of last 24 months, then only U will get points for modl. chances are if you do not have a relative in australia on designated list then u will get stuck on 110 points so try scoring 7 in each module of IELTS to get 25 points then only u will be able to make 120 points..And if you have 1 year exp (paid) then you will get 15 points then there will be no problem… And if you have studyed in regional low population growth metropolitan area the you will get 5 extra points and 5 for 2 years study in australia, if 3 years study in aus then 15 points…best of luck. give details of your age qualification and study in aus.

      • Hi, what do you mean when you said “it does not matter if it is on modl list or not… U will only get points for modl if you have min 12 months exp (paid)@ 20 hrs per week in your field out of last 24 months, then only U will get points for modl”?

        Example is my case where I get to nominate “Production Engineer” which is not on the MODL (only on sol & csl). I have been in this field of the last 24 months, (paid)@ more than 20 hrs per week in that , Do I still get the points for modl?

        Hoping for your reply,


    • Hi Kahlon Sahib… Kiddaa…Dont worry Cooking is still on MODL list. But I will suggest after completing your 900 hrs apprentship, start working (Paid)as a cook try having 1 year experience before completion of 6 months after your diploma is finished and get your TRA assesment done before you finish your diploma to save time for filling for pr… New critical list has been introduced in dec 2008. all occupation on critical list get pr on fast pace for other like cooks and hairdressers it might take a bit longer then that like for e.g 4-6 months etc. so dont worry just get your paid experience for min 1 year (365 days) before filling for pr.

      • my wfie went to do her commercial cooking in 2008 october from meridian but came back in april 2009 after completing 3 terms,now she wants to go back and do the course or select a course which can get us p.r.,her background is teaching.her date of birth is 10/12/70,please advice if there is any chance of us getting back,also adv if msters of accounting a good option,her IELTS is 8 overall and 7.5 in each.

        thank you

        please reply to me on my mail account

      • I am post graduate having 4 yrs experience in Teaching, Can I get Labour or work visa??
        My wife has done M.Phil now she has 5 yrs experience. Can any of us qualify for work visa to australia??
        pls reply me on my mail id

    • this is mukesh I have completed my animation course and I am planning of pursuing my higher studies in Australia ,my qualification is pursuing s y bcom.tell me about animation industry in Australia,and job opportunity,after complete this course can i apply permenant residency .

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