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Client Management or Panel Beater - Do my skills make the grade?  

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Hi Mark I have 25 years banking experiance and higher diploma en banking. I note on the skilled list visa 187 there is client management. Require study in Diploma or higher with subjects service, management, risk and HR.  Work experiance as service manager or relevant work experiance. As banker my day to day work is client Service and admin. I have subject all required except service and management admin. Could you maybe advice if I would qualify for such position? My second question would be my husband is quality controller at panelbeater he has 5 years experiance no formal qualification. Would he pass as quality controller? 


Posted : October 30, 2019 9:10 pm
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Hi there Doreen and thanks for your questions. Firstly I split your topic into a new post. I hope that was ok? ? 

I'm afraid I can only speak in general terms however if you are missing the key experience to fulfil the needs of the role than you may struggle to have your experience recognised as being suitable.

Skills assessments are sometimes like job interviews. If the competency gap is key to being able to fulfil the role then it won't be deemed favourably. 

As for your husband. Panel beater roles are often in quite high demand (especially in the 482 Sponsored Visa space).  consider this article for starters.

Migrating To Australia Without Formal Qualifications

The article itself is a little old, however, it should still serve as useful insight. 

All the best


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Posted : November 2, 2019 11:00 am