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Looking for age concession visa opps  

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Hi Mark,

I'm 49 years old.  I'm willing to study in Aus for 6-12 months to acquire a skill set that is on the DAMA list in the age concessions areas (like South Aus).  

I do have really valuable skills in IT and premium software sales, but I'm concerned that this skill might not be eligible, and if it is, it might not be on the list in 3 years when converting the pathway to Perm.

Can you advise me?  I'd like a consultation on this, and to plan the best route going forward. 

Thank you,


Posted : July 2, 2019 7:49 am
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Hi Garrett and welcome mate! 😊

My gut feeling is that you're dealing with a heck of a lot of variables there which will limit your success rate.

As you have mentioned, the concessions may change and your also going to be reliant on competing with other people to secure a job where the employer is willing to sponsor you.

My personal (not professional) advice would be to study in your home country before taking on the risk (and financial burden) of moving to Australia.

As your scenario is also quite complex, I would suggest reaching out to a local mara qualified migration agent.

Many will provide a free consult which will potentially flag other avenues you haven't considered yet. 

More info here regarding how to find one.


All the best


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Posted : July 3, 2019 7:37 am
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