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Hello mark, 

am new to all this and finding it hard to get my head around. 

i am a time served maintenance engineer with 8 years of experience in mechanical and electrical. I tick all the boxes in terms of the points system. 
i am just struggling whats the best visa to go for and is there any agencies that i can get in contact with to try and make this search a lot easier. 

every one i have checked online have said there not taking any external only internal. Is the best bet to go over there first and find a job that way or is it best wait to get sponsorship? 

hope you can help, 


kind regards, 



Posted : January 7, 2020 4:50 am
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Hi Ben. Firstly sorry for the delay in getting back to you mate, the Christmas break has resulted in me running a little behind. ?

If points aren't an issue, the 189 independent visa is the preferred approach, this way you can move to Australia independently of having a job. 

The alternative means you will be dependent on securing a sponsor if you are going down the 482 visa route.

Although travelling to Australia might make finding a sponsor logistically easier its obviously a costly option and finding a sponsor isn't guaranteed.

Keep in mind that Australian employers have to demonstrate that they've  advertised roles for 30 days prior to being able to offer sponsorship opportunities to overseas candidates so asking for sponsorship can be a 'big ask if they having been down this path already. 

If you haven't already, please also consider setting a job alert so we can email you when roles offering sponsorship matching your criteria become available.

All the best



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Posted : January 12, 2020 10:51 am