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this year I really want to make a move! I always wanted to move to Australia, but its so hard to find a way.

I ve been to Australia now several times - most of them for holiday. In 2010 until 2011 I went on a WHV and stayed for a year. During that time I got to know the country and worked in different kind of jobs - I made the mistake and didnt work on a farm. That's why its so hard to find a suitable visa to stay for a longer period than 6 month and be able to work. My cousin lives in Australia and has the residency - she would be able to sponsor me. But I dont know the regulations and restrictions.
I am open to do what it takes to get into Australia _ like working in the northern territory or somewhere in the outback.

I am 28 year old and I am an event manager. I finished my apprentice 2013. I speak fluently English and German. I live in Berlin, Germany.

I am on holiday in Australia right now. I went to the German embassy and the immigration office in Melbourne - no one was able to help, they all referred me to the internet and the immigration homepage. I can`t find all the information I need.

Is there any chance you can give me advice how I get the possibility to get the right visa and move to Australia?

All the best

Posted : January 8, 2019 7:18 pm
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Hi Jo. Sorry for the delay. I have been away so my time to check in on our forums has been limited.

Your cousin probably won't be of much help to you I'm afraid. What is your occupation/area of study?

All the best


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Posted : January 29, 2019 10:12 pm