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SC190 Victoria Query  

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Hi Mark

I have two quick queries. Please could you assist?


Some context: I am interested in the International Ph.D pathway for SC190 for Victoria. I am an (offshore) Electrical Engineer (233311) and my spouse is a primary school teacher (241213) with > 8 years’ experience. I am the main applicant.


Can I claim the experience points for my spouse?

I am on the MLTSSL, and she is not. However, we are both on the visa nomination occupation list for Victoria.

From the home affairs website:


For you to be eligible for the award of these points your partner must be an applicant for the same visa subclass and must not be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen.  

Additionally, you will need to provide evidence that when you were invited to apply for this visa that they:

  • were under 45 years old
  • had <a href=" removed link ">competent English
  • had nominated a skilled occupation that is on the same skilled occupation list as your nominated skilled occupation



Secondly, can I claim working experience for post-graduate research? It is a formal appointment, albeit on contract, with full pay, 40 hours a week. Furthermore, my post-doc is spent doing contract research for industry.


Thank you in advance


Best Regards


Posted : May 20, 2020 10:26 pm
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