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Australian Dream, Wanderlust and Real Figures  

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Hi there! Hello Everybody! )

Has anybody here found his / her home in Australia, a very special place under the Sun? If you already moved to Australia from some other country abroad, can you say "Yeah, Australia is my home now!" ?

What were the most shocked / difficult troubles after your movement?

Frankly speaking, I also moved from my home country almost one year ago. But I relocated to Germany. Some local company here found me, I got a special job offer and moved under the terms of Skilled migration. And I have still somewhere deep thoughts from my childhood about Australia. 

For sure, I faced with some difficulties (especially from officials / authorities) after my movement, - like a special registration for my dogs, driving license, taxes for TV and radio, impossible difficulty for a foreigner to find an apartment for renting, etc. Taxes for employees is an another surprise (5 different tax classes, average rate is 30% from a wage). Rental prices are also not the lowest ones - at least 1000 EUR for a simple 2 rooms apartment nearby Frankfurt.

So, wanderlust still lives in me, despite I'm getting older =))

Can somebody share here similar info about living / movement in Australia?  Personal experience is a priceless thing, I sincerely appreciate your opinion!


Best regards, Alex.

Topic starter Posted : July 2, 2020 8:45 pm
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Hi Alex and sorry for missing your comment in our forums. You may find this article of interest as I wrote it over 13 years ago (and 2 months after moving to Australia). ?

Australia is now my home and I probably take everything too much for granted. I try and open my eyes more and appreciate what a beautiful place I now call home actually is! 

All the best


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Posted : July 7, 2020 9:52 am