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457 streamline 190 visa  

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My husband and I applied for 190 visa through 457 streamline pathway our medicals all the form submission is over so guess our PR is been lodged but we r awaiting to hear from the immigration department about our status. During this my husband's project here in Australia is getting over so will be returning to India. The 457 is valid two or three months after our exit to India

Our fear is that if our 457 gets canceled what happens to our PR application will I be able to get a braiding visa or will my PR will be canceled
Please do help me with ur good sugesstions
Thanks in advance

Posted : December 12, 2017 11:35 pm
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Hi, be careful with this.

Your 457 visa is subject to condition 8107 – this condition requires you to remain employed in your nominated role with your sponsor. If your employment ceases, then your employer is obligated to notify the Department.

If your employer notifies the Department that you have ended your employment and you are outside of Australia, then the Department can cancel your 457 visa without notifying you.

I would consider seeking a bridging visa to remain on the safe side as your PR application may be impacted if it is still being processed.

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Posted : December 14, 2017 5:46 pm