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489 visa - subsequent entrant conditions ?  

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We (me and wife) moved to Australia on 489 provisional visa. I am the primary applicant and she was the subsequent entrant. We both got the same visa and same conditions and will be applying for 887 in mid-April.

Before we moved to Australia we were told that only i (being primary applicant) have to meet the live and work visa conditions but i called the immi last week and i was told that both of us have to comply with this condition which has kind of jolted us as she hasn't even worked for 1 year during the last 2 years.

Has anyone else been in a similar boat ? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! sword/

Posted : April 4, 2017 3:14 am
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Hi :)

OK, based on the information on the Australian migration site here:

Under the "Including family in your application" section on this landing page.

"You can include the following people in your visa application at the time of lodgement:

"Your partner" (that's a good start)

This article then goes on to say:

"Members of your family unit must be able to show that they meet health and character requirements."

At no point does it stipulate that family members included on your visa application need to meet the work requirements also mentioned on this page.

With that said, that is just my interpretation, however, I wouldn't panic just yet. :)

As a next step, I would encourage you to re-check with the Australian migration department to validate this information and seek confirmation of where this information is stated if you get the same response.

If you could let us know how you get on it would be appreciated.

Best of luck!


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Posted : April 4, 2017 3:37 am
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