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Confused about income tax as a graduate visa (subclass 485) holder  

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In need of clarification

So I just started my new full-time job, and I have to fill in my TFN form. I am very confused if I am an Australian citizen for tax purposes, or if I am a foreign citizen. If I am an Australian citizen for tax purposes, should I tick YES or NO for the tax-free threshold?

What happened prior to this job, I had a casual contract and I think I ticked YES for the tax-free threshold, and by the end of the financial I had a debt. I just wanna make sure this doesn't happen again. Can someone clarify with me on this?

Posted : August 30, 2017 3:56 am
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Hi Mate, check out this tool on the Australian Taxation website for help.



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Posted : August 30, 2017 4:06 am