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Converting 457 to 190 Visa  

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I am currently in Melbourne on 457 visa for the past two years and my visa is valid till 2019.

I have started the process to apply for PR(190), i am engaged currently (going to get married on Mar), so i have included my Fiancee name in the EOI.

I got the invitation to apply for Visa on 7th Dec 2017. Unfortunately i have to file my application before 5th Feb 2018 (before 60 days window, else invitation expires). But i have to travel out of australia for my marriage in March and i intend to return back on April.

So my question is what happens to my 457 visa if i lodge an application for 190? Since i intend to travel out of australia in March, will it be a problem if i travel after i lodge my application?

Please let me know how 457 to 190 case will be handled by DIBP.

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Hi Phani, it shouldn't be an issue if you travel after you lodge (assuming you won't be away for too long)?



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