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What is the process for family sponser  

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I have qualified with exactely 60 points under 489 for Recruitment consultant job code.My migration agent informs me that 60points is very less and has not yet filed EOI. My brother in law also is ready to sponsor me but the agent informs that for my job code, family sponsorship is not applicable. Need help/ suggestion. How can I take it forward with family sponsorship?

Posted : August 20, 2017 6:11 am
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Hi mate, I'm afraid the family sponsorship options are now very limited.

The only option that springs to mind is the remaining relative visa, however for you to qualify for this visa type your brother will need to be your only relative on the planet. If you have other relatives in your home country, you will not qualify, unfortunately.

See here for more info.



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Posted : August 26, 2017 3:55 am