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457 looking to convert to 186 but ceased employment  

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Hi Mark
I’ve got my 457 in Feb 2016 as accountant. I’ve departed Australia (worked <2 yrs) in Jan 2018 and my ex-employer ceased my employment in Apr 2018. I’m looking to return to Australia and get PR so exploring the best option. Have a few questions below:

- if I find a new 457 sponsor now do I have to work for 3 yrs before I can apply for 186 visa on transitional stream? Or the old rule of 2 yrs would apply.will I still have time to find a new sponsor?(I heard as I’ve departed Australia they can cancel my visa anytime without telling me)

- if I find a new 457 sponsor can I try to apply for 186 visa on direct entry stream right away outside of Australia? Then I can try to do the skill assessment and English test (this is probably the best option for me as I’ve got two small babies so want to stay in home county for another year before going to Australia)

- I actually have an option to ask my ex-employment to re-hire me. Then can apply through transitional scheme. Will it take shorter time to renew the visa if it’s with the same employer? Again do I have to work for 3 yrs to apply or the old rule of 2 yrs will apply?