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Currently on a student visa which ends in August. Mature so over the age for skills visa. Would probably qualify under a few different skills - HR, Recruitment, Project Manager, Health and Welfare Manager but I am finding it hard to find jobs advertised that come with sponsorship. I am willing to go regional. I wish there was a recruitment agency that specialised in this! Just wonder if anyone has any ideas as time is running out.

Posted : June 18, 2019 12:27 pm
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Unfortunately, seeking sponsorship visa the employer route is not an easy path Teresa. I have noticed historically that on the verge of a new immigration year (from 1st July) opportunities begin to dry up more than usual as employers are waiting to see how any changes announced for the new migration year might impact their ability to sponsor (eg, an update in the STSOL as an example). 

The Australian government has also made it increasingly difficult for employers to offer sponsorship which means the volume of opportunities has reduced. ? 

We try and capture as many opportunities as we can here at GDU, however, I would also encourage you to check websites such as using "482 sponsorship' or similar as part of your search criteria to try and fill any gaps.

Part of the challenge is Overseas candidates don't know the Aussie job sites to check and the Aussie employers don't know which overseas job boards to advertise on so there is a big disconnect, unfortunately.

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Posted : June 18, 2019 6:13 pm