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Fireman and Nurse Moving To Australia  

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Hello and thanks ahead of time to anyone that replies. My wife and I are hoping to move to AUS with our 3 children. I am a Swedish citizen and she is British, currently living in Florida, USA. I work as a Firefighter and have my Certified Contractors license in construction, while she is a Registered Nurse. We have found nothing but conflicting advice on how to make the move, where to look for jobs, and just general advice. We are hoping to line up 6 months of work at least, with the hopes of it becoming permanent. If anyone can point us to a great resource to get started or has any general advice re getting either our Contractor or Nursing license transferred that would be greatly appreciated. I apologize ahead of time if this information is on here somewhere and I just haven’t seen it.

Solution: In this scenario, all you can do is apply for the Visa 491 Australia. 491 Visa Australia is a skilled work regional visa, in which you can get a sponsorship from any eligible employer or any eligible family member living in Australia as a PR or citizen. As you don’t have any relatives living in Australia, you can search for jobs and try to get sponsorship from an eligible employer.
Your wife is a registered nurse and this profession is in high demand in Australia, so it’s just like an icing on the cake. Her profession will make the entire process easy for you. The Coronavirus has moreover increased the demand of Registered Nurses in Australia. So, if you want complete guidance on how to apply for the 491 Visa, you can get in touch with the Australia Immigration Consultants, as it’s always better than availing the services from professionals rather than doing it wrong!

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Posted : October 12, 2020 1:12 pm
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Welcome to GDU Neha and thanks for your post. I'm a little confused as it appears to be a question, followed by an answer in the same post. Are you able to elaborate, please? 

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