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In A Tough Spot and Overwhelmed - HELP! :/

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My fiance are planning to move to Australia within 12-24 months. He has family there and he will be getting sponsored by them.

I do not have family there and I'm trying to figure out which visa I should be applying for based on my specific situation. I'm 36 years old and I've been working in Sales (Sales Development and Business Development) for about 10 years.

I'm too old for the working holiday visa and my occupation field is not listed for the points tested visa (189) even though my points add up to 75. I'm also a skilled musician (which I've done on a part-time basis and in the military for 4 years as a vocalist).

So I'm wondering, should I use my musician occupation to apply for my visa so I can work there and then interview with companies in Sydney for sales positions? I also plan to take music gigs on the side.

Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there and welcome.  

Firstly take a deep breath.  Appreciate it's a bit 'full-on' with all the options, however, we are here to help where we can. ? 

Will you be married by the time you're looking to move here. It's not a must-have (you can still be a 'de-facto' but will help keep things a little more simple.

On the face of it, you might be overthinking it. If your Fiance is confident of getting PR through sponsorship via a family member then why not just tag onto his Visa application as a partner/secondary applicant?

Based on what you have covered below. It looks like you are looking to apply completely independently of your fiance which might be a more complicated approach then it needs to be.

If the chances of your fiance getting a visa appear much more likely and straight forward, then I would be inclined to go as a secondary applicant (depending on your fiance's visa type) with your fiance as the primary applicant. 

Worse case, you could also wait for your fiance to get PR and then go the partner visa path (

I'd expect, there will be simpler options available for you though.

Hit us up with a little more detail and we'll try to help unpick your options a little better. ? 




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