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Hi Mark!
Firstly, where has your website been my whole life!? Haha, so glad I found this!
Ok, so we are seeking a way to PR (who isn’t, right!?) My husband and I fell in love with Aus and its people in 2013 on holiday visa’s. we applied for residency on the old 457 and just fell short on a qualification so returned back to England. Two babies later and we want to return more than ever.
Both hubby and I have skills on the short skill list. I’m not 100% sure we meet the criteria for 190 so that leaves us with the two year visa. Is there a way onto permanent residency from the two year visa? We don’t want to drag to babies across the world If we’re sent packing after two years (dreams crushed and all)
Many thanks in advance

Posted : April 11, 2018 8:58 am
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