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NZ subclass 461  

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Having read through the subclass 461, NZ citizen family criteria many times, I need to know if this is an option for me.
I’m a kiwi, been living here 28 years and been in/out of the country multiple times for work and holidays.

I believe I hold a subclass 444 SVC but will know within a few days as have emailed immigration.

As per previous post, de facto is too hard to prove, so thinking marriage is less complicated option to convince immigration of our sincere relationship.

So if I marry my girlfriend in her own country (and this marriage is recognised by the Aust govt), can I return here alone and apply for a 461 for A$330, as she is now my partner?
I know it’s only valid 5 years, but can be renewed and also that it’s not a pathway to Aust citizenship for her.

It just seems to be a much easier (and lot cheaper) option than the prospective marriage 300 or partner 820 visa’s but can t help but think there’s more to it.

Anyone experienced on the subclass 461 NZ citizen family relationship visa that can help me?

Posted : March 18, 2018 2:48 pm