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Hi Mark! 

My name is Marisa and I am from the US. I applied for a Working Holiday Visa quite a while ago, but obviously things have taken a turn. I haven't heard back yet, but I completely understand that COVID-19 has drastically impacted this Visa specifically and I probably won't get accepted for quite a while under the current circumstances. 

The end goal is obviously to make the move to Australia and it seems near impossible at this point. I was wondering if you could lay out for me, my options, as to "how" to get over there? I do not have any family, but I have loads of friends that live there (which obviously doesn't help my case either). I know that some schools are allowing international students back with restrictions as well. 


It's just been SUPER hard to get any answers online; maybe it's in black and white and I just refuse to accept the bad news, but any effort you could go to help me would be amazing. I really appreciate it!

Thanks so much,


Posted : August 19, 2020 5:31 am
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Hi Marisa and welcome to GDU! 🤗

What's your occupation as having a skill considered in demand is a good starting point.

Do you have any occupations you can relate to on the list here?

Also, Australian runs a point-based migration system with the number of points often influencing your visa options. Current points calculator is here so please complete this and let us know how you are travelling points-wise.

Once we have this info, we can point you to some visa options and resources.

All the best



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Posted : August 20, 2020 5:34 pm