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Partner Visa info req  

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Hi all, I’m new to this site and also new to the whole immigration scene.
I’ve been doing some online reading regarding different visa’s that can be applied for to bring a new partner from another country to join me here.
Briefly, my story is that 2 years ago I met a woman in Asia whilst I was holidaying there for a month. Since then I have returned twice for a month or so each time. We spent most of that time together, staying in hotels whenever possible.
We have kept in constant contact every day and night, in between me visiting there, whilst we are in our separate countries. Over this period of time we have both fallen in love and now want to look at possibilities of her joining me here in Australia.

The 2 obvious methods I see are the subclass 309 partner or subclass 300 prospective marriage.
In relation to the 309, I have read the proof of partnership lists many times, but unfortunately as we never actually lived in a house together, or received mail in both our names, or had joint banks accounts, or have a list of family and mutual friends to give statements, I feel it’s going be hard to convince immigration of our strong bond.
I’m interested to hear comments on the above.

So I guess there’s the 300, which maybe better option, as from what I can see, all the above proof isn’t required. As long as we have met, and both fit the other criteria, if approved she may come here, but must marry me within 9 months. The 300 is $7,000 and then before the 9 months is complete we apply for the 820 (turning into a 801) but that is also another $7,000.

I also read she could apply for subclass 600 tourist visa for 3-12 months and whilst here she could marry me. Then we can apply for for the 820 (turning into 801) whilst she’s here but from what I can see it’s takes approx 20 months to grant and obviously her 600 tourist visa doesn’t last that long.

Just in need of some direction on all this as it’s complicated and obviously expensive, so we want to make sure we both have the information and criteria requirements.