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Putting out the feelers  

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As a family we are putting out the feelers to see how these new regional visas will work. We were previously in Oz from 2011 till 2015 on a 457 visa. We came back to the UK and in the past 4 years have been offered a few chances to go back but the occupation I fall under, mechanical engineering technician is on the STOL list. The thought of uprooting the family for worst case 2 years best case 4 years but no PR at the end is not ideal. Do you think the mechanical engineering technician will appear on this new regional employer sponsored visa? Cheers…

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Hi mate, firstly thanks for your post and welcome to our community. ?️ 

It’s always a little challenging to answer questions about whether certain occupations will appear on specific lists in the future.

I guess my initial thoughts are that it depends on the popularity of the industry using your skillset within regional Australia.

Many of the roles on the recently published occupations list for South Australia and Victoria, for example, include occupations you might traditionally relate to regional areas (Dairy cattle operator, beef cattle farmers, agricultural technicians).

On the flip side, there have also been some slightly more obscure positions such as the Digital artist and Gaming worker roles listed on South Australias DAMA list.

In short mate, without having insight into pain points of each of the state governments (which in turn will be driven by pressure from regional industries). It's almost impossible to say. ? 

All the best


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