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The right ANZSCO for me?

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Hi Mark,

I'm stuck at the very beginning, while still planning for the whole journey. I am an Electrical Engineer with MS degree and 3 years of full-time work on the university, as a TA/lecturer (TA is a full time job where I'm from). My understanding is that this won't count towards work experience (or will it?), but then I would like to figure out if that really is the best skill to get assessed in. Could you help me?

Thank you,

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Hi Jovan and sorry for the delay (I missed this post).

It's difficult to say with absolute certainty based on a job title alone. The only thing I can recommend is to look at the qualities of each ANZSCO code so you can see what experience would be expected for each code.

The Australian migration department uses data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to help with this.

With this in mind, do a google search using the ANZCO code followed by the term

eg, the top search result for the term


Is the ABS description for an Electrical engineer located here.

By comparing the different job definitions, you will be able to identify the most suitable for you.

Hope this helps



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