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TSS visa sponsorship odds  

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Hi Mark,

Since our last chat and the release of the new 491 visa and lists etc, it seems that Clinical Coding is no longer an option through that avenue and that my only option is now the TSS visa in a regional area as Clinical Coding is on the ROL list.

What are the chances of someone even considering me for a position if I am not in Australia?

I am thinking of going over in May to set up a few face to face meetings/interviews with prospective employers to see what my chances are.

Could we just go over on the tourist visa if we can get the 1 year duration, and do the job search while there, and apply for the TSS visa from Aus once I get an offer?

Also, by being 100% honest on the holiday visa application, are you shooting yourself in the foot? So if we specifically indicate on our tourist visa application that we would like to go for up to a year with the sole purpose of looking for work, what are the chances of that visa being declined?

Still on the fence about starting this $3500 course without any indication that I will be successful in my job search.

Thanks again for the advice


Posted : January 3, 2020 8:53 pm