What are the requirements for applying a visa?  

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Hi Mr. Mark,

What are the requirements for applying a visa? Would you recommend me what kind of visa i can apply if possible?

I am previously work as Receptionist in Dubai for almost 7yrs. But im just a High School graduate only. 😊

Your response is really appreciate. Thank you! GODBLESS and more power!


Lhora 😊

Posted : June 22, 2019 2:13 pm
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Hi Lhora and welcome 🖐️ 😊 

That's a pretty broad question. 🙂 As a starting point. Most Australian Visas are linked to your skills and having an occupation in demand.

Do you have any experience in any of the occupation on the Australian Occupations List? 

All the best


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Getting Down Under

Posted : June 22, 2019 4:28 pm
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