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Which partner visa i should apply ?

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I have been married to Australian girl from 2007 and we are separated from FEB 2016. In between we talked about divorce and she said she will do it as i was not aware with procedure here. Thinking she already did it i went overseas this year and got married to second wife march this year. Now after i got back i was planning to launch file for her as partner visa. but i find out first wife didn't go ahead with divorce procedure. Now i have applied for divorce and hearing is in September. Now what can happen if i wants to call my second wife over here? What visa i should apply with ? some people told my second marriage is not legal so in that case can i marry her again after divorce of course by launching file for PMV ? but me and my second wife legally married and got marriage certificate too. She got my name is spouse on her passport too.. She is from India. Please help me out..

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