Costa Brava looks nice – Still, it’s not Perth!

A homage to Catalonia (shame the picture was taken in Perth)

An Article that I read on the UK website of the Independent Newspaper made me laugh today.

It talks about the Girona tourist board’s latest attempt to spice up its Mediterranean appeal using an image taken here in good old Perth!

The photo supposedly of the Costa Brava shows a man and a boy gazing out to a deep blue horizon of sea and sky, while gentle waves lap the sand beneath their feet.

The Catalan version tones down the antipodean brilliance of the original, pastes a Costa Brava logo to the man’s T-shirt and adds in Catalan: “Congratulations Costa Brava on 100 years. You really are great.”

The cost of this piece of spin was €3,200 (£2,900). The tourist board, which provided the advert, described it as “a photomontage”, but at no time clarified that it did not show the Costa Brava, according to Jaume Von Arend, one of the forum’s organisers. “We had no idea it was not the Costa Brava,” Mr Von Arend said.

I may be being biased but it is a good photo though!

Written by Mark

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  1. It is quite funny, they have been caught in three advertisements to use different locations than the Costa Brava. But indeed completely unnessesary because the area is beautiful.

  2. It’s ok to lough about the circumstances I guess, as it is hard to understand why the Tourist Board uses a non Costa Brava photograph for advertising purposes.

    For the last nine years I have lived in Girona and I am frequently visiting the coast at different places. I could take this photograph a hundred times over at different beach locations from Platja de Aro to Roses.

    There are, apart from the more rugged areas, long stretches of sand beaches, especially in the Gulf of Roses. So it is very hard to understand why anyone would want to use a photograph from a different part of the world to advertise this particular location.

    Naturally the Costa Brava beach experience cannot be directly compared to long Australian sand beaches, but it would be misleading to create the impression that scenes like the one in this photograph don’t exist here.

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