Current Australian Immigration processing lead time as of February 2007

Hi Folks

The latest update from the ASPC for those of you wondering what the current processing times are like.

The ASPC is still experiencing some delays in receipting and acknowledging applications so if you’ve recently applied then hang fire.

Please note that these delays do not affect the date on which a valid application is recorded as having been received and is the date used for processing purposes.

The Meat:

As of 30 January 2007 the ASPC is receipting offshore applications received on 22 December 2006 and onshore applications received on 9 January 2007.

As advised on the DIMA website processing of an application will usually commence within seven (7) working days of its receipt by the department.

This means that an application is receipted, acknowledged and a file number is allocated.

Once this has occurred a case officer is appointed to assess each application as soon as possible, however, the ASPC receives a large number of applications and you will not be contacted immediately.

Applications lodged on or before the dates shown below have been allocated to case officers for further processing.



Paper based applications: 24 August 2006 (subclass 880) and 25 August 2006 (subclass 881) and 24 August 2006 (subclass 882)

E-lodged (online) applications: 26 August 2006 (all subclasses)

Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) (SIR VISA)

Paper based applications: 26 September 2006

E-lodged (online) applications: 26 August 2006

New Zealand

All applications: 28 August 2006 (all subclasses)


Applications for Classes BN, BQ and BR (subclasses 134, 136, 137, 138 and 139)

Priority Applications: 1 June to 7 June 2006

Non-Priority Applications: 23 May 2006

Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) (SIR VISA)

Paper based applications: 30 August 2006
E-lodged (online) applications: 15 January 2007


Onshore: Means that the visa being applied for can be granted while the applicant is in Australia.

E-lodged: Applications lodged online have quicker processing times.
See: Online Services – General Skilled Migration

SIR visas: All applicants for a Skilled – Independent Regional [SIR] visa receive priority processing.

Offshore: Means that the visa being applied for can only be granted when the applicant is outside of Australia.

If a visa application was made more than two weeks before the relevant date shown above and you have not been contacted by a case officer please contact the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre from the web page

Applications eligible for priority processing

1. Applicants whose nominated occupation is on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL)

2. For applicants whose nominated occupation is not on the MODL, applications for any of the following visas are given priority:

a) Skill Matching (Migrant) (Class BR) – Subclass 134 – Skill Matching
b) Skilled – Independent (Migrant) (Class BN) – Subclass 137 – Skilled – State/Territory-nominated Independent
c) Skilled – Australian-sponsored (Migrant) (Class BQ) – Subclass 139 – Skilled – Designated Area Sponsored
d) Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) (Class UX) – Subclass 495 – Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional)
e) Skilled Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) (Class UZ) – Subclass 496 – Skilled Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional)
f) Skilled New Zealand (Residence) visa class (Class DB) – Subclass 863 – Skilled – Onshore Regional-Sponsored New Zealand Citizen
g) Skilled Australian-sponsored Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DE) – Subclass 882 – Skilled Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student

Eligibility for priority processing does not mean that any processing requirements can be waived.

Finalising Applications

Please note that the information provided above is not about the time it will take to process an application to completion. The time it is expected to take to process a General Skilled Migration visa application to completion is detailed in the department’s service standards. Service standards are specified for applications lodged with complete documentation.

Individual cases may take longer than the service standard depending on the completeness and complexity of the case.

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Forums

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  1. Hi

    My family and I applied for SIR Visa and already had undergone the medical and documents were already lodged last February 28, 2009. How long will it take to release the visa? Your assistance is very much appreciated.


  2. Hi just did ma medical on 26 november and ma documents were send to the australian high commission on 2 dec so how long wil it take 2 get ma visa if all goes sub clas 573 student visa

  3. Hi.

    I have already had my working holiday visa accepted for Australia, however a friend who i am travelling with required a chest xray because he had been in a country of tb risk. He has had the xrays and they have been sent to the australian immigration authorties. I was just wondering how long the usual processing time is as i want to begin my adventure.
    Hope someone can advise!!


  4. Generally, what the processing time to issue the visa grant letter after the medical examination /police Clearance for BN 136 Subclass

  5. Dear Sir

    I received the acknowledgement and the number have alloted to me. The Date they have mention is 29 aug 2008. Now When I Chk last on ASPC Mail its 18june2007. Mine Is Paper Base Application. Can u let me know from now onwards how much time it take to get the visa ans alos is thr any cahnves they I may not issued the visa

  6. I (and my family) had applied under Skilled Independent – Subclass 135 in May 2007. The application was under priority processing (MODL). We received a mail from the case officer asking for Police Clearence and evidence of undergoing medical examination. Does that mean the processing is done. I underwent the medical this week – how long do you think it will take from here.

    The immi website says that we need to undergo medical only if asked to, and since they asked us to do that – does it mean that most of the processing is done?

    Thanks in advance


  7. Dear Sir,
    We submitted our medical report in month of April 2008. Till now i am waiting our visa, can you tell me how much time require for visa. Thanks and best regards

  8. hi,

    i have already received file no. on feb ‘07 . after than my enquiry has been completed jan ’08. what is the next step. pls give me a relay asap.

    thanks & regatrds,

    bankim prajapati

  9. Respected Sir
    I had applied for general skilled independent migration for Australia for the vehicle painter trade on feb 2007 from India. now please tell me that how much time will it take more for the granting of visa

  10. Respected Sir,
    I have applied Permanent immigration to Australia as a hair dresser. My inquiry was conducted at my work place on 2nd August 2006. I have already dispatch my medical as well PCC (without request)in the month of Oct 2006 but till date I have not received any reply and response regarding my case, therefore you are requested to kindly let me know the stage of my case. How long would it take to finalize my case having file number of 19th January 2007.

  11. my application ( skill indipendent 134 ) dated jan. 2007,
    and due to some circumstanses i have all reddy put my medical and police clearance certificate in advance (july 07) , so can you explain how much it will take. i m waiting for my visa.

  12. my application date for sir visa is feb2007 can u please tell how much time it will take i m waiting for medical

  13. my application date is sept.-06 still i waiting for medical examination and visa can u tell how much time taken by dept.becaz last one and half month they present 30 aug.-06 process pls.tell me how many day left for my application (aaprox)

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