Current Australian Immigration processing lead time as of September 2007

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Well, I can’t believe that it’s September all ready!

If you want to know what the current processing timelines are looking like then have a quick look at the information below. No real improvement or catch up since last month by the looks of things.

If you have sent your own Australian Visa Application during September, why not post to our September 2007 Applications thread by clicking here and join other members on your same timeline :)

The ASPC admin section is currently processing Visa Applications as follows:

Onshore Applications: receipting applications received on 14 August 2007 and acknowledging applications received on 14 August 2007.

Offshore Applications: receipting applications received on 16 July 2007 and acknowledging applications received on 31 May 2007.

Applicants and representatives who have not authorised e-mail communication will not receive separate advice that the ASPC has received and receipted an application and will receive the standard acknowledgement letter and receipt details in due course.

Please note that any delay in acknowledging an application does not affect the date on which a valid application is recorded as having been received and does not delay processing of the application.

Once an application has been acknowledged a case officer is appointed to assess each application as soon as possible, however, the ASPC receives a large number of applications and you will not be contacted immediately.

Applications lodged on or before the dates shown below have been allocated to case officers for further processing.



Paper based applications: 26 February 2007 (subclass 880), 21 February 2007 (subclass 881) and 21 February 2007 (subclass 882)

(on-line) applications: 31 March 2007 (subclass 880) and 5 February 2007 (subclass 881) and 5 February 2007 (subclass 882)

Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) (SIR VISA)

Paper based applications: 3 May 2007
E-lodged (on-line) applications: 12 February 2007

New Zealand

All applications: 4 April 2007 (all subclasses)


All paper based applications for Classes BN, BQ, BR, UX and UZ (subclasses 134, 136, 137, 138, 139, 495 and 496)

Priority Applications: 31 October 2006
Non-Priority Applications: 17 October 2006

Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) (eSIR visa applications)

E-lodged (on-line) applications: 15 March 2007

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Anil Mehra

Hi, I have applied under the VE-176 subclass on 29th june 2009. My skill fall under the 4941-17 (Apparel Cuter). As per the new Priority Processing system my application will final on 2012. Is there any other way so that we can change the CLASS and the get the visa on less time. As per my view that Australian Govt. Not made the new rule good. This is the Best way of making the Money BY AUSTRALIAN GOVT. —- making the low as ” Applications lodged ON, or before 23 September 2009″ if the Low as “Applications lodged or before… Read more »


how do u come to know if my agent has filed my visa application how do i check it on the net


hi mark

i am jemin. and i want to know the step by step procedure of australia p.r. file. i put up my wife file for p.r. she got 6 band in each module.and she had done B.E. please let me know what is the first to end steps of processing of Aus P.R. File



Ey reyna,

I’m in the Philippines too and is waiting for my VISA. I believe the answer to your question is where did you lodge your application? did you lodge it here in the philippines or in USA?


Ey pramod, I believe the immigration did receive a lot of application on the same dates you lodge your application. Best wait for a few more months. usually, you do your medical at least 3 months before your file be read by the case officer. if you did have your medical before that, you might be required to do it again…. chow


Hi, We applied for a GSM VE 176 (sponsored) Visa on 26th September 2007. We were allocated a CO in Jan 2008. We have submitted all documents including medicals and PCCs in March 2008. The online application status page still shows our PCC Docs as “Requested” even though the CO has acknowledged receipt but says they have “still not yet been attached to the file”. There’s been no news at all since then and our migration agent has advised us to “drink a cuppa tea, watch television and wait”. Does anyone have any advice we could use since the waiting… Read more »


Hi to all..i have applied for bn 136 on 24 th may 2007 my verification done on 29 th may 2008 pcc,medical finished on 26th june 2008 without requst. So far no communication or reply .any possitive guideline.thanks

reyna santos

hi! i’ve applied for a working holiday visa online last 26 may 2008. i was required to get an x-ray and upon inquiry at the medical clinic, they informed me that my med results were delivered to the dept. last 20 june, i checked the status of my application and it said that my health requirements were finalized and that further medical results have been received. what happens next and how long do you suppose i’ll be hearing any news? i’m currently stationed in the Philippines but i’m a US citizen, does this affect my visa application by causing delays… Read more »

bankim prajapati

hi dear mark,

now a day, my inquiry has been completed for immigration of sub class bn 136. but what will be next step i do not know ? beacause after inquiry do not any intimation from australian immigration office. till today i have no medical and physical inquiry please tell me what should i do?

thanks & regards,

bankim prajapati


hi Mark,

I applied my case under GSM on 19th oct-2007, and got reciept and file number. but Till date there is not communication from their side…
Somebody told me that due to July session in colleges and unis, CO are more concentrating on student visa application? so after July they gonna fasten the process for GSM and other categories?

Many Thanks,

Chirag Mehta

sir, I have put on my PR file of australia in december 2006, i have my file number but till today i have no medical and physical inquiry please tell me what should i do?
thank yoy
chirag r mehta


I Have applied for my “SIR” visa on 26 sep 2007, I have forwarded my medical,pcc and all other required document to DIAC and that have been recieved .

“on 15-04-2008 I have recieved e mail from my CO that my all documents have been recieved and and they do not required any more document. and decision maker will contact you regarding this application”

yet I am wating for my visa

pl help me out and tell up to what time I should keep patience


This is Raj from India. I had lodged my file with ASPC on December 2007 and recieved my file in same month. It has been more than 5 months since the lodgement of file I have recieved no response from ASPC except file number. pls tell me how long does this process gonna last to get visa or case officer and medical?

my occupation is on the MODL List. does this affect my processing time?

if u have any information regarding this plz do tell me.

I am eagerly looking forward to your response.




I have applied for GSM visa on24 sep. But there was some problem with my payment. they specified 2 clf to me one for 2007 when i send my first application and second for 2008 when i correct my payment! is it possible ? would you please send me an example document which DIAC send us for CLF no. what do you think i should do?

javed iqbal

my name is javed iqbal from pakistan i recive my aknowledagment on 15th of sep 2006 my file ref no is clf 2006 /125965 and ics reg id no 1030514354
i allreddy submit ielts ,medecal,and other relevents dacuments.
the name of my case officer is juray allan .
please let me know how much time it will take ? and what is the currant status of my case ? i am looking farward to hear from you your javed iqbal


i applied for sir visa for australia in september but still not get any enquiry.
from where i can get the status of my application?

bankim prajapati

hi dear mark,

now a day, my inquiry has been completed for immigration of sub class bn 136. but what will be next step i do not know ? beacause after inquiry do not any intimation from australian immigration office. so, pls guide me, i get medical & local pcc. howmuch time to get my visa.

thanks & regards,

bankim prajapati


Hi Mark

Thanks your website was very helpful. I am a srilankan presently living in the UK and for the past 7 years have been looking for ways to go to Melbourne. Having lived in Melbourne for almost 4 years in the past is why i would like to make melbourne my home, but my search has been going no where. Please Mark would you know any employer sponsored websites? any help/ advice will be much appreciated. Thank you


Jatinder Singh


can you please tyell me uptilll when i’ll get ma mail for medical and PCC… as my visa application receiving date is 30 april 2007.

Jatinder singh


When i submit Passport for SIR visa what time its take


what time takes for When i submit Passport for SIR visa

neville andrews

Hi Mark,
Its Neville again,any news?
Chow for now.

neville andrews

Hi Mark,
Did you manage to get me information that i requested?
I await your response.
Thank you.



I’ve posted the lead time for applications as on October 2007 in the forum. Stole one of your posts – of sorts. Hope you didn’t mind :)


neville andrews

Hi Mark,
My application was lodged in march 2007, I would like to find out if it has been allocated to a case officer or not? as i have already recieved my file number e.t.c.and also how long does it take before i am required to do medicals and police clearances?The last thing is from the time one has done medicals and police clearances, how long does it take before 136 visas are issued?assuming that the application has been sucsessful.
Thank you.


Dear Mark, I am actually exhausted :(. I received my case officer name and my case file number on January 2007 and completed medical exams and PCC on February 2007. It is around 7 months I have sent documents to DIAC and there is no news about my visa. As I have send my documents to DIAC as E-Lodgment format, I want to know about the estimated date that I will receive my SIR visa. Any news that could make me happy is highly appreciated.:cheers::waves:


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info, but It will be great if you can provide any info on 457 Business Long Stay Visa. My online status page shows that Application received – processing commenced as on 23/07/2007 and it also displays that Health requirements finalised on 16/08/2007.

Any idea, how long I have to wait to get an update on this ?



Thanks for the information, Mark.

Find it useful.



Hey Mark,

Thanks for sharing this information. Is this published by DIAC every month ? or does one have to email DIAC to get this ? I tried to look up this information at DIAC site but couldn’t find it.

Do let me know from where I can get this info.


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