Did I mention that we’re pregnant?

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Well, I think it’s safe to say that I always endeavoured to let you all know what life over here in Australia is really like.

I’ve covered Supermarkets, beaches, pets and an assortment of other subject matters but now I think it’s time to talk babies.

Yep, I’m absolutely delighted to announce that the missus (and I) are pregnant with baby number two. :D

The missus is currently just over three months pregnant and without getting into the detail it turns out that we *cough* conceived the week that we arrived in Australia.

Now we always wanted at least two kids but we had to be pretty careful prior to moving out here as we didn’t want to be pregnant just before jumping on a plane for a 24 hour flight.

We were also conscious of the fact that we might have better things to do the first few months after arriving in Australia like finding somewhere to live.

The plan was to start trying for baby number two once we arrived here in Aus but I guess we never really appreciated that this would happen the week that we set foot on Aussie Soil. :)

So, over the next six months, as well as giving you updates on Australian house prices and the best places to live, you’ll also get a good insight into having a baby in Australia. Damn, we’re going to have a 100% born and bred Aussie in the household! :D

Oh yeh, no ‘Mile High Club’ jokes please, we’ve heard them already ;)

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  1. Thanks Guys and Anna you’re right, it will be interesting to go through the whole giving birth in Australia thing.

    Some how, just having to write about it leaves me thinking that I got the easy part ;)

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy! You’re just a week behind us. Well done for waiting ’till you got to Oz, I guess the timing of these things can never be planned though. It will be really interesting to compare health services for maternity care between Oz and the UK. I think they are a lot more laid back over there with lots of birth centres etc. Anyway, could chat about pregnancy all day…..Congratulations again. Anna