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    Engineers Competency Evaluation Guide

    If you’re an engineer looking to emigrate to Australia, then you are probably in the process of writing your Competency Demonstration Report. We’ve already uploaded a number of CDR templates to our site, however we thought that you may also find the attached document of interest. The engineer competency evaluation guide essentially details the qualities that an […] More

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    Nursing Jobs In Australia And How To Find Them

    There are a diverse range of skills in demand within Australia and if your one of the lucky ones who holds one of these skills, making the move down under can, for you be that little bit easier. Following our Australia mining jobs article we thought we’d provide another article covering one of the most […] More

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    Australia Mining Jobs and How to Find Them

    AUSTRALIA MINING JOBS  are one of the most sought after jobs for people looking to move to Australia from overseas. The mining boom, although slowing slightly when compared to previous years is still in full swing with multiple, multibillion dollar projects still being rolled out and likely to operate for the next 30 – 40 […] More

  • Submitting your EOI in Skillselect Tips

    Submitting An Expression Of Interest (EOI) In SkillSelect

    The Australian Department of Immigration has recently published some top tips to help you submit your Expression Of Interest (EOI) In Skillselect There’s some good stuff in here so we’ll share these tips below: 1. Make sure you express an interest in the right visa for your circumstances. Skilled visa options are available on the […] More

  • Import Car Insurance - Hints and Tips for finding the best Imported Car Insurance when arriving in Australia

    Import Car Insurance – Finding Insurance For Your Imported Car

    We’ve already provided tips on importing your car to Australia however once you’ve got your car onto Aussie soil you’ll need to obtain Import car insurance to drive the thing. Import Car Insurance in Australia is a little different to the car insurance you’d buy for domestic vehicles. You see with insurance for imported cars, […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    How To Prepare And Present Work Reference Letters On Your CDR

    Prospective CDR applicants seem to be a little confused or not very sure about how to prepare and present work reference letters as part of your CDR. These work reference letters are required by Engineers Australia for Additional Assessment under the new points test which became effective on 1 July 2011. T The reference letters […] More

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    Civil Engineer - Sample CDR Template

    Civil Engineer – Free CDR Sample Template

    If you are an qualified civil engineer looking to emigrate to Australia then download this free Civil Engineer CDR template to better help you understand the types of information Engineers Australia will be looking for when assessing your skills. All our Free CDR templates are provided in PDF format. You’ll need a PDF reader to […] More