IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 | Top Tips for 8+ with Jay!

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Join the LIVE CLASS with Jay from E2Language! He will take you through the top 8… no, wait… the top 9 tips to scoring highly in IELTS Academic Writing

E2 IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 | Top Tips for 8+ with Jay!

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does this helps on toefl as well? or only for cambridge exam?

Anyone wants their writing to be checked by ielts writing expert please email your writings on its paid service and you can pay me on my paypal account with charges of INR 500 for two essays and INR300 for two letters or task 1 of academic and achieve ielts 7 bands minimum.
Happy to help you,

Great explanation but can you follow Indian method as we write overall at the last.

This video has more ads than my band..

Thank you Jay, because of you I could score overall 7 in IELTS.

Very nice video ,keep it up ,it helped me a lot and keep making videos in future about

How cat ate the dog.

you are the best

Hi Jay, I am from a non-english speaking country and I found you the best IELTS mentor still now. My best complement is for you. Could you please tell how the word count is calculated in the answer script? Do they consider articles, prepositions, conjunctions, symbols and so on as single word? Looking forward to your support.

The overview is not accurate.As both modes were almost never similar between the sexes !!

Hi jay can you please post some of the videos of writing task 1.

hi! thanks! is "with regards to" correct? or "with regard to"?

Hi jay..
I took a test recently where I got a question of two diagram and in question it doesn’t say it’s diagram or map anything.. in that case how can we write introduction ,are we allowed to write diagram in intro (for eg, the diagrams shows…….)


my wife and I secured an overall band of 8.5. Ur videos were extremely helpful… thanks a ton!

Not related but did you guys know that seesaw was English? Because I thought it was Korean lol

Jay, jyolsna here. The graph descriptions given in cambridge university sample answers books and those I found from internet were quite tough to understand, but your answer is simple. I like it. Are you sure this answer will score more than 7 or 7.5? I feel relieved.

Is ain't the overview should be at last after the paragraphs?

Thank you Jay it is very beneficial tips to get higher band score it's fabulous

jay….what made you choose this profession

Hye Jay! I must say that you are a great teacher. My English is less than average and I have never got a chance to learn English tenses and grammar in detail. I am just very lazy to learn new things that are not in my interests. I didn't prepared much for my test and just invested less than one week in youtube. I found you just one day before my test and watched all of your videos with great attention. I have applied all your tips and tricks in test and got 7 bands. I have already recommended you… Read more »

this bar chart illustrates the number of males and females involved in further education in britain, and whether they were full time or part time learners devided into three periods of time overall, the number of men and women studying part time is outnumbering those studying full time by a significant amount, while the numbers for the 2 sexes involved in part time education relatively the same over the first 2 periods, the number of women studying part time has increased dramatically/substantially in the last period. concerning the full time education, the number of men has steadly increased arround 1… Read more »

Thanks a lot

please give the tips for dealing ielts listening with idp Australian accent.recently my listening exam was very tough due to Australian accent in the exam.please suggest.

thanks you are great teacher

I think this test is unfair if you only get band grade 5 from grammar only due to the lack of variety in sentence structures. How is this test only testing your language skills if you can only score high when answering in a certain way. There's something really wrong with the test if an English university teacher and a native speaker can score 6.5 from writing.

I just need to get 6.5 Everyone pls Pary for me
, It is just a request.

pubg khelga koi

I have a question regarding Writing band calculation.. what band will I get in writing if task 1 band is 5 and task 2 is 7 ? I know it seems silly question but it is important for me

Watching this on the test day.

Thank you, Jay!!! You are a great teacher. My results came out today. Speaking and writing 7, listening 8.5 and reading 7.5
Your videos were very helpful

Can we write conclusion in task 1

do u make videos for GRE AWA also? I could do good in IELTS only coz of your video's…. I want same for GRE too

Hi guys!! I will do the internet based test in the next couple of days. I have a BIG doubt: can I leave one line between the text? I need to pass!! thanks!!!

i have exam day after tomorrow plz pray for me

and is (was)* divided into three periods.


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