E2 IELTS Academic | Writing Task 1 with Jay | Essential Vocabulary

E2 Ielts Academic | Writing Task 1 With Jay | Essential Vocabulary - Ielts Preparation Videos - August 2022

In this video, Jay from https://www.e2language.com/ will talk to you about essential vocabulary that is key to answering questions in IELTS Academic Writing Task 1. Learn all the top tips that will teach you how to scores an IELTS 9!

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E2 IELTS Academic | Writing Task 1 with Jay | Essential Vocabulary

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  1. A. rose sharply
    B. declined significantly
    C. relatively stable
    D. decreased slightly

  2. A. sharply declined
    B. significantly rose
    C. relatively stable
    D. slightly declined

  3. How low will be my score if I used past simple in the task "Line graphs ..bla bla bla.. in one year" and the information is divided into months. I know it is a huge mistake so I shouldn't expect even 6.5.??

  4. Hi Jay, just see your videos and it's "relatively" helpful. Do you have any email address So, I can reach you out there in case of any question my exam is scheduled on 27 April 2019.

  5. can we also change into synonyms those data included in the chart???

  6. Hi Jay!!! I just want to say Thank you so so much!!! I only had 5 days to study for ielts and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to get a 7.5. (R, W-7.0 S-7.5 L-8.5 )Again thank u so much and for all those who are doing ielts just watch all vids of Jay cuz he's THE best!!!

  7. is it wrong to use (this verbatim) significantly decreased instead of decreased significantly to answer A in the example?

  8. hello sir.
    i have a huge problem to write conclusion. apart from this, i face problem .. to write about thesis lines when i have to ho with30/70 strategie

  9. I found this channel literally 2 weeks away from the day of my IELTS exam. The tips you said for writing tasks 1 & 2 were absolutely helpful. I thought the highest I could get was 7 overall, and that was generous. To my surprise I got 8 on my first try!!! Thank you so much!

  10. Hi Jay plz help me I need atleast 7 in writing!
    I got a 6.5 on the writing section in my test which I took on 29th sept. How to get a 7 or more plz help!

  11. Hey Jay thanks a lot for Ur videos & help. I scored the desired score thanks to u. I was short by .5 in writing..and this time I nailed it.

  12. Thank you so much, your videos helped me a lot through the preparation for the tests !

  13. Hi Jay ! I got result for 8 Sept 2018 test – 8.5 L, 8 R, 7.5 W and 7 S. I owe my score to you especially 7.5 writing!!! This was my first IELTS attempt ! Thank you Guruji !