E2 IELTS Reading: General and Academic | DIAGRAM LABEL with Jay!

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In this live class, Jay will show you how to nail the ‘DIAGRAM LABEL’ task that is found in both the IELTS General and IELTS Academic. The IELTS reading section (like all of the IELTS sections) requires a solid method, whether you are taking IELTS general or IELTS academic.

E2 IELTS Reading: General and Academic | DIAGRAM LABEL with Jay!

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thank you for all your valuable videos Jay.

3 out 3 wooow


Can the answer for number 6 also be South African Ball Roller? Because that is the complete label in the chart.

Thx Jay. Now I know cowpat = cow poo.

Thank you very much JAY

thank u so much♥

got 3 out 3

Hey Jay,

You have been doing a great job and I really appreciate your generosity.

I am wiring to enquire about transferring my answers to answer sheet. Could you please confirm if I am allowed to use all the capital letters for all the answers ? I feel this would help me avoid usage of any wrong case.

Thanks in advance.

6. South Africa ,7. French8. Spanish

Thank you Jay . 3/3

7 French 6 southafrican 8 spanish

thanks Jay, i got 2 right out of 3 :)


I really appreciate your help

7 Franch , 8 spanish , 6 south african

6 spanish , 7 French, 6 south african


Videos are of great help.Thank you for that.
I would like to know how should we allot time for each of these questions?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for sharing us, i like your reading strategy

Jayy omg i love you so much. I've watched every of your vids and yesterday i got my test result by:
L: 6.5
R: 7.0
W: 6.0
S: 7.0
I learnt a lot for the writing and i felt so confident when i did but i just got 6.0 which i didn't know why. However i used your ppf tips and could reach 7.0 for speaking. I got overall band 6.5, enough for my college eventhough i want to get at least 7.0. Once again, thankyou so much!!

I have LRW after 3 hour
Any last minute suggestion for LRW.

you indeed florished my skills thank you so much my ielts expert .
i got immense knowledge by reffering your lectures jay.
thanks alot.

It's from IELTS Book 1 if I have not forgotten so far.

Hi Jay, thanks and God bless you


your instructions are really really useful. can you please help me in summary completion of general test in reading section??

Best teacher ever known

3/3 YAHOO!!!

If I can talk 2 stories instead of 3 because of my slow speaking?

Thank you Sir Jay. I am hoping to pass my upcoming ieltsukvi this coming July. Your method is very useful and insightful. More power and god bless (:

Ans at video streaming time stamp at 12:39 should be for 6,7, and 8 not for 4, 5 and 6:
6: South Africa
7: French
8: Spanish

Please post your timings for reading on next video lot of miscommunication on schedule. We need a text format timings please


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