E2 IELTS Reading: General and Academic | FLOW CHART with Jay!

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Join the LIVE CLASS with Jay from E2Language! He will take you through another confusing IELTS reading task – this time, Flow Chart Completion. Enjoy!

Watch our E2 IELTS online webinar with Jay to find out what the magic formula is before taking your next IELTS test.

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E2 IELTS Reading: General and Academic | FLOW CHART with Jay!

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I got 7/8

this is difficult

Sir, why all these answers are not in sequence?


last one is … loading area .. not storage area … see the flow chart how it goes

more time



Hi Jay! 5/8

MAP READING/ LABELLING DIRECTION during Listening test. Please discuss

5 0ut of 8

Hello, I am from India and I am planning to give general ielts exam. I think I need some help in general as I've given academic ielts on which I scored 7 band in total. Listening 7, writing 6,reading 6 and speaking 8. Well I am looking to increase my score in writing anf reading and would appreciate some help some you in giving general ielts exam.If there is any way I can get an online training from you through Skype or some test materials to practice, I would really appreciate that help from you.Please let me know if any… Read more »






6/7 thank you so much Sir.really it is very easy techniques for lable flow chart



Thanks your lessons are more beneficial for me

its too blurry ,i cant read

Hi sir


Is flow Chart part of IELTS

nice one

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