IELTS: Reading | Match Headings with Jay!

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In this video, Jay will teach you how to crack IELTS Reading section and look at one of the toughest questions, MATCH HEADINGS!

E2 IELTS: Reading | Match Headings with Jay!

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hi mr.Jay how are you. if i send my essay to you can you check it?


I got 5/7 and 1st and 5th were wrong. (lack of concentration). thanks a lot for your videos

I got 4

I got 5 out of 7. Will bw taking the exam on the 24th. Wish me luck!


you. are the best ~

I got 6 out of 7

I am so happy to get across with this site. Thank you Jay


how is ix an answer to C ? please explain jay

I got 5

3 out of 7



Thank you jay for the great support it helped me to achieve my target

I got 6/7 ….i got stucked in C and i marked (ii) for it …..well explained

score 5 out of 7

all answers are correct

The 3rd one was really bad, cannot really understand which one is right answer. The worse situation about this is that I always have one bad question where I get all tangled up and get stuck.. I hate this part of IELTS.

I can score either 8 or more for all modules except reading. Give some suggestions please.


mine is 6 :(

You are one amazing person. Its my 4th attempt and i cant afford to go below 8 triple 7. my test is on 11th so i am going crazy now.

I have scored 5 out of 7


Jay, I got 6 out of 7 correct. I wonder why paragraph C has the answer ‘Beware of robots!’.

Is it speed like 3min for 2para we need to keep up in real exam?

I did 6 correct answers. I did mistake on question 3. I chooses ii instead of ix

hello jay
I really have problem with task type 7 and 8. please help me because i am not able get the correct answers.Give me some tricks and tips

I got 5 out of 7

Jay i doubt para C answer is iii and g is ii , plz clarify

Got 4

4/7 in the first test

I only got 4, the questions are a bit difficult.

So happy, I got paragraph A, C, D, E, F, G and I failed B. Its my first reading test so I am very happy, I was fast in reading and careful too. Thank you so much Jay.




Must add that your videos have helped me alot. You explain well, you don't talk more than required and very pleasantly. I have shared many of your videos. My speaking test got me 9, thanks to you!


I got 5 out of 7…Thanks sir

is it true that the main idea is always located at the beginning of the paragraph

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