IELTS Reading: Multiple Choice | Super Skills with Jay!

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Learn the method you need to crack IELTS Reading for both General and Academic! Our expert teacher Jay from E2Language will guide you through the process of answering Multiple Choice questions to get an IELTS 8.

IELTS Reading: Multiple Choice | Super Skills with Jay!

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Isn't the second answer supposed to be D, 'cause they specified MID 80's? Because if you read it properly, you will notice that the fertilizer use was same from 1960-1985

1 C
2 B

2/3 first one was wrong
Apart that it was fun to do

i got 1/3

The tool on which you are tracking the progress, is it ServiceNow ????

Pota andaming ads

3 out 3

Pls sir guide me
R 6
S 5.5
L 6
W 5 I go for eor or not by idp pls


Your website is do damn good !!!


You made video of various types of sentences use in speaking test

2 out of 3


I've gotten 2 answers correct

So don't we start by reading full passage actually?


Thank you jay

It was good I got 2

2/3 … need practice

Are multiple questions always in serial order?

Thank u sir

Very good practice

The first answer could easily be A as well.
They put it that way so you can screw up.
IELTS isn't the test of knowledge of English. They just want us to fail over and over again and keep paying for the overpriced tests.

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