IELTS Reading | Sentence Completion with Jay!

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Join the LIVE CLASS with Jay from E2Language! He will take you through another critical IELTS reading task – this time, Answering Sentence Completion. Enjoy!

IELTS Reading | Sentence Completion with Jay!

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jay ,i m vary happy because your teaching method is really working because.i could not get a score which i got after watch your videos
thank you jay

i got 3 out of 3. i am sooo happy.



about to take my IELTS UKVI, and i did enroll in an online review but yours are more clear and helpful. more power

i got 3 out of 3 thank's jay

Got 0

finally. I got 3 out of 3 . thanks Jay, I feel I am getting better.

All three correct! Thanks for teaching

This was very helpful.. Got all three right.

food source // Sun

feeding dish

2 /3

I'm an IELTS Legend. Thanks Jay




Hi sir i just sign up for E2 Language

I did fill the blanks with correct answers but I have a question.

When we are doing the passage is it that that the 1st question is from the from paragraph and the second question is from the second and third from the third paragraph ???

This is the real deal tutorials, search no more!

Jay,you're the best!

I got the 3


Your strategies really work , keep it up , gud efforts Jay sir

I only got the first answer right. lol

I got 2 correct answers 2 & 3. Yey! Thanks Jay!

I am a new subscriber of your website. I got nos. 2 and 3 correct! Thanks Jay! I'll continue following your vlog.



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