IELTS Reading | Short Answer Questions with Jay!

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In this video, Jay from E2Language shares the most important tips there are for a high score in IELTS Reading Short Answer Questions. Check out the top, authentic tips needed to get 8+ on test day!

IELTS Reading | Short Answer Questions with Jay!

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5 correct

Why was it not "(dollar sign) 5 for each jar" since the question says 3 words and or a number ???



5 out 5

I don’t have time to take classes and your videos are a life saver

I got 4 correct answer out of 5…
this trick helps me a lot in reading module…

Is it follow the sequence

3 of 5

Why do we write () parentheses?

Got all of 'em correct! Doing progress, thanks to you :)



Got 5/5

i got 2

I had 5/5 yipee

What about metàl pieces

4 out of 5

If we wrote 5$ instead of $5 would it be considered wrong?

U literally gave me the hope after I got 5/5

You are funny too…. lol


5 out of 5


Hey my exam is on 2 March hope after watching video it helps wish me luck

Its too easy …I got 5 score just in 2 minutes..


Exam on 14th feb plz help in improving reading

Hi Jay, Is it ok if we write all the letters in upper case

I got 4.

Got all answers correct

I got 5 out of 5


Sir I've to say something to you sir.. Please update strategy that we're supposed to emulate in reading.. Cuz in now a days, it's more difficult than before

I scored 5/5.

U r awesome Jay… Love ur teaching

Through ur videos I felt confident.. to gv my exam thank you

I got 5/5 but it wouldn't be easy like this in exam!

5/5 in 2 minutes


Each jar's bottom – is it right to answer this way.

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