IELTS: Writing Task 2 | TOP TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW with Jay!

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In this live class, Jay shares the most important tips there are for a high score in IELTS Writing Task 2. You’ll be surprised at how some pretty simple strategies can lift your scores from 7 to 8. Jay himself took this test four times in order to really get to the bottom of why people continually get low scores.

IELTS: Writing Task 2 | TOP TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW with Jay!

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Safat Hossain
1 year ago

Can I use first person writing in task 2?

Hawar M.mohammad
1 year ago

thank you so much you are the best !

Nannapat Charungpattananon
1 year ago

Jay, you are such a very good teacher.
Thank you so much

Vijay Bantupalli
1 year ago

Jay, what is the maximum word count that you recommend for a good band score (8-9)?

Hanit Kaur
1 year ago

Jay could you please clarify a doubt that we only need to follow this patter intro ,1 para, 2 para n finally conclusion. There can't be more para's?

1 year ago

Being very honest, his tips really work, in my first mock text I got 5.5 in writing but in following mock I got 7. Optimistically, I can increase my score more. Many many thanks E2.

Iqra Yasin
1 year ago

Can u plz post more videos on writing task 2 or live class

Muhammad Hasan
1 year ago

Please make a video on collocation in IELTS Writing GT.

Ahmad Kad
1 year ago

9 8.5 9.5 22.5 rwsl
That's how you feel when the teacher said i stuck on 7.5
And someone say i got 8

Nikhilpandey Pandey
1 year ago

Thanks…a ton
I scored band 7..

Sukarna Sivanesan
1 year ago

Jay sir ,am having doubt in writing task 2 academic .if am not having knowledge about that topic how can I write that? Pls sir reply me as soon as exam on 25 of this month pls

Sheikh Saifuz Zaman
1 year ago

3:21 write more THEN 250 words? THEN?

Parth Upadhyaya
1 year ago

what kinda essay fetches 7 band… one with good vocab or the one with basic words… just in context to vocab

Kỳ Châu Minh
1 year ago

I liked the video before I watch it! thanks

Noori S
1 year ago

I do not see more videos on other three tips?

Koushik Mandal
1 year ago

Why would you say clear as mud in this context (3:20)? I thought it should be clear as a whistle!! I am confused.

1 year ago

As soon as I saw “ more then”, I stopped playing the video…

Glen Kemps
1 year ago

Jay, I heard you like short sentences. You are very good. Thank you.

Academic IELTS – L: 9; R: 9; W: 7.5; S: 9.

amit kumar
1 year ago

Hi jay – according to me you are the best when it comes to writing

Armon charm
1 year ago

Jay….I must say thank you…I will religiously follow your videos is indeed helpful

karan123 Kaushal
1 year ago

Sir where is its next part???

English Testmasters
1 year ago

Hey guys,
I'm offering band 9 model answers for both the General and Academic IELTS writing.
You can see my gig on Fiverr: ​@t​

Harshal Mukhija
1 year ago

Hey Jay @3:31 point 4 it should be more than 250 words not then. Learning from your channel :)

1 year ago

thanks a lot for this wonderful lessons. I am going to take my ielts tomorrow with pretty good confidence after watching your videos.

suresh prajapat
1 year ago

super make on reading some videos general

yusuf shoetan
1 year ago

Jay. All thanks to you for your tips on IELTS preparation. They were really helpful. I made
L: 8.5,
W: 8
R: 7
S. 7.5

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