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Education in Tasmania

Education in TasmaniaThe eight in our series of articles covering education in australia looks at the education system in the small state of Tasmania.

The education system in Tasmania comprises two tertiary education institutions; the government run K-12 schooling system, and numerous independent private schools and colleges, most of which are controlled or sponsored by religious organisations.

Public education in Tasmania

Public education in Tasmania is managed primarily by the State Government’s Department of Education. The Department is responsible for all aspects of education in Tasmania including schooling, Adult Education, the State Library and TAFE Tasmania, a vocational tertiary institution with many campuses around the state.

Schools in the public education system include:

138 primary schools (Kindergarten to Grade 6)
57 high schools (Grade 7 to 10)
8 colleges (Grade 11 and 12)


Hobart College, Mount Nelson
Claremont College, Claremont
Elizabeth College, North Hobart
Rosny College, Rosny


Launceston College, Launceston
Newstead College, Newstead

North west:

Hellyer College, Burnie
Don College, Devonport

Of the high schools, 26 are district schools or district high schools in rural areas, where the primary and high schools are located on a single campus. There are also 8 support (or special) schools, 4 early learning centres, 1 infant school and distance education.

The largest public education institution in Tasmania is the University of Tasmania, with major campuses at Newnham (in Launceston) and Sandy Bay (in Hobart), along with a north-west centre in Burnie.

Non- government education in Tasmania

There are many non-government schools and colleges in Tasmania. Non-government schools generally have a religious affiliation, although the involvement of the sponsoring organisation varies between schools. The following major schools offer tuition to students in years K-12:


Dominic College (Kinder to Year 10, Co-ed)
Fahan School (Kinder to Year 12, Girls)
The Friends’ School (Kinder to Year 12, Co-ed)
Guilford Young College (Year 11 to Year 12, Co-ed)
The Hutchins School (Kinder to Year 12, Boys)
MacKillop College (Year 7 to Year 10, Co-ed)
Mount Carmel College (Kinder to Year 10, Girls)
Sacred Heart College, New Town (Kinder to Year 10, Co-ed)
St Mary’s College (Kinder to Year 12, Girls)
St Michael’s Collegiate School (Kinder to Year 12, Girls)
St Virgil’s College (Year 3 to Year 10, Boys)


Launceston Church Grammar School (Kinder to Year 12, Co-ed)
Scotch Oakburn College (Kinder to Year 12, Co-ed)
St Patrick’s College (Year 7 to Year 12, Co-ed)

North west

Marist Regional College (Year 7 to Year 12, Co-ed)
St Brendan-Shaw College (Year 7 to Year 12, Co-ed)

There are also a number of smaller non-government schools.

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Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

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