English Idiom: Eat your greens

English Idiom: Eat your greens - English Idiom Eat your greens - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn a great phrase to use in English for the topic of food to boost your English vocabulary. This expression is commonly used in English and is also useful for any IELTS students to use in their IELTS test.

English Idiom: Eat your greens

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mam may i do subtraction or addition in writing task 1 when data is in percentage.. ? plz hlp me i think am in great myth..

plz mam tell me i can use gonna or wanna in the part of speaking overmorrow will my exam thanks for reading

Im from india.. Im vijay… I jus love ur great helping..

You are the top at your game just play a blind. Thanks a lot

i really like the way you speak it makes me feel more comfortable really your channel is one of the best
channels ever


can I use idioms in writing task

Can we use idioms in writing

Can we use phrasal verbs in written English? Is it true that phrasal verbs are informal. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

im sorry for disturbing mam
in my istitute teachers always force to children for using ideoms so please mam tell me its approprite for writing

Respected madam. I have a query …,(common) Idioms could improve our band score and expresion in ielts speaking

mam please tell me that if i am using three idioms in writing essay …. will it be sufficient to score more? ..

Dear Liz, thank you for all your valuable lessons! I got 7.5 with 2 weeks of self preparation..

Hello mam. Can we use idioms in academic writting task 2??

will I not get 7 in speaking if I don't use idioms? I had my speaking test today and I think I didnt use any. I'm worried

Ur tips awesome but some videos is not clear .i can't see what u wrttier on boad

thank you.

thank you.

Elizabeth Ma'am, isn't the word 'fussy' a tad informal? Should it be used in any academic piece? Isn't 'fastidious' a tad more academic-sounding?
-Bridge from Dhaka.

your tips are really helpful

The final tip is very important. Now, I understand why I used to lose marks in my Task 2: using idioms. Many thanks Liz!
Just a question. Do we lose marks if we use idioms while writing an informal letter (Task 1 General)?

The way you speak is very nice to hear nd understand. Your pronunciation is also very clear nd easily distinguishable.Really it helps me a lot.

Mam i am from india.i didn't get more then 5.5 in LRW.Could u plz suggest me how to gain 6

Hello Liz I am confuse about idoms will you please make me clear…..

Hello Liz I am confuse about idoms will you please make me clear…..


excuse me, can we use Idiom for IELST ?

Thank you Liz . Can you add general writting vedios as well ?

what a wonderful narrator ….

Thank you Ms.Liz for posting these short lessons , easy to understand.

Thank you madam for uploading these type of videoes

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